Robot Man PeabodyFolks, we here at have been tackling some weighty topics lately: hospitalist burnout, healthcare rationing, and looney vaccine denialism to name just a few. One might think that it would be high time for some comic relief from the comic relief, right? WRONG.

This is no time for comedy, what with the robots getting ready to take over the world and all. I mean, first Watson defeats a couple of carbon-based Jeopardy players (of course, it wasn’t really a fair fight since Alex Trebek is a known android). Then doctors start using robots to help teach autistic kids about emotions. WTF? Human’s can’t even teach EMOTIONS better than a machine anymore?!? What’s next, a robot doing that most human of tasks: prostate surgery? [Editor’s Note: Ummm…yeah. See NYTimes Health.]

It was in this, humanity’s most desperate hour, that we were deluged with another 16 hours of rambling footage by Dr. Herman Peabody, the self-proclaimed World’s Funniest Internist. Sifting through hours of disjointed dialogue on everything from Raynaud’s Syndrome in dolphins to the use of BenGay sliding scales for acute cardiac chest pain, I nearly tossed the whole bag of Betamax tapes in the garbage. Until I found something amazing: footage that I realized would revolutionize the public’s understanding of the coming Robot Apocalypse.

Fluent in the binary language of moisture vaporators, Dr. Peabody turns out to be an expert of sorts in robotology. So much so that he is affectionately known to his nurses and patients alike as The Blandroid. Prepare, my friends, for Peabody 2K!