Few currently living know that billionaire peri-anal plastic surgeon Dr. Chase McAllister has a secret identity. When contacted in his undisclosed bunker location via the ZDoggMD Pseudoscience Crime Computerâ„¢, he transforms into beloved medical crusader Doc Quixote!

Although owing to various restraining orders he is unable to physically fight crime (or practice surgery in several regions of the country, for that matter), he is able to use the bully pulpit to educate the masses about health-related issues.

Unfortunately, he puts the “bull” back in the bully pulpit on this one. We asked him to do a followup vaccine education rap to our previous effort, Immunize. Regrettably, his questionable internet research methods result in a bigger misunderstanding than any ever depicted on Three’s Company. The final product of his efforts is a rap video that would make Jenny McCarthy proud.

Enjoy this tour de farce of vaccine denialism and pseudoscientific conspiracy theory, remembering all the while that yes…people actually believe this stuff. Get yo’ vax on, folks!