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Our biggest Supporter Tribe! For $4.99/month you get near-nightly live, interactive videos with me (including occasional Karaoke Night and Doc Vader LIVE), exclusive content, early releases, 25% discount codes on Z-Gear, and a closed Facebook discussion group moderated directly by me so it’s fully sucker-free! Learn more and sign up here if you’re on a desktop, or here for MOBILE (this will open your Facebook app).

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YouTube Members get our supporter-only live videos too (I simulcast to both platforms)! There are $4.99, $9.99. and $49.95 options so you can step up support if you feel passionately about what we do. A members-only community tab and comment section create an exclusive community (and is where you find discount codes and early/exclusive content). Unfortunately Facebook and YouTube don’t play nice with each other, so signing up for one won’t get you access to the other (maybe in the future), but you can always sign up for both!

Locals Supporters

A brand new platform dedicated to the idea that big tech companies controlling speech is BAD, mmkay? You can support on Locals at any level, engage in a vibrant community, gift subscriptions to others, and enjoy exclusive content on a dedicated app that celebrates and protects free speech. They also take a MUCH smaller cut of your supporter dollars than Facebook or YouTube, which means more of your support goes where you intend it to go!

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If you don’t like Facebook or YouTube or Locals and you’re OK supporting our movement while getting nothing in return but pride and a personal email thank you from me, PayPal is awesome because it takes the tiniest fees. Donate here!