Whoa. It’s 2011 already, and it’s been 8 months since our little internet adventure was launched. Crazy! Thanks to all who have supported us in our insanity thus far. Spread the word in tha’ 0-1-1!

I’d thought we’d ring in the New Year with my latest rambling thoughts on health care rationing along with an ill-fated foray into foreign policy. I wrote and taped this all in 1 hour, so excuse the fact that it:

1. Sucks.

2. Will offend almost everyone.

It’s satire people! Just remember, when issuing your fatwa, the correct spelling of my real name is “DOCTOR OZ.”

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: 5/1/2011 Looks like US Special Ops pulled the plug on Osama Bin Laden! I guess he won’t be developing stage III decubitus ulcers in the US health care system after all…