What public health really needs is a 90’s-style gangsta rap about…vegetables.

At least, that was the premise driving this collaboration with the band Rabbit!

For those not in the know, Rabbit! genius Devin Moore (who does the lead vocal on this track) is also my audio producer and responsible for me sucking much less as a rapper/singer/musician than I deserve. He also appears in many of my videos (Alicia Keysboard in EHR State of Mind, Patient Zero in Readmission, Scared Bass Guy in Ebola, DevinMD in Blank Script, sex ed singer in More Than Warts, and weird mosquito guy in Zika).

So when he was like, “Hey, can you drop in a 90’s style gangsta rap about vegetables at minute 1:55 in this tune?” then I was all like, “Can I? Do you see what I did there? ‘Can’ I? Like as in canned vegetables, see the joke? ‘Can’ has a double meaning. That’s what separates me from the other so-called public health medical rappers…”

At which point he asked Coolio to do it instead.

Unfortunately Coolio thought “vegetable” was a marijuana reference and subsequently wrote a very…um, child-unfriendly…set of rhymes.

So here it is, with my part at 1:55! It’s a disturbingly catchy single, so share with kids everywhere so we can encourage them to eat more plants (which is a central premise of great nutrition).

PEACE OUT! (apparently, that was a 90’s thing too, thanks Coolio)

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