Let’s make no mistake: the current Ebola epidemic is a terrible humanitarian disaster in Africa. We should be doing everything we can to help alleviate the suffering on the ground there. As a parent, it’s hard to bear images of children orphaned and parents bereaved. As a physician, I would hop on a jet and lend my hand—if I wasn’t such an insufferable, pampered wuss.

So why the heck would we do an Ebola parody?

Too soon, you say?

Actually, not soon enough. The US media hysteria around this illness is ripe for ridicule and it’s time we stepped up before someone else does it even more tastelessly.

With that, we humbly present Ebola—A parody of the Kinks classic “Lola.” Filmed ‘live’ from my living room. Featuring the amazing Devin Moore from the band Rabbit! and Rocksalt Records.

So please share and help this video go “viral.” Because maybe then we can prompt some rational discussion about Ebola. While we’re at it, do something super rational and get your flu shot.

In the meantime, I’ve got a used hazmat suit to return.


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I caught it in a town in West Africa

Where the state of public health isn’t what it was in Pensacola, C O L A Cola

She walked up to me and I asked her whazzup

She looked kinda hot, and in a raspy voice she said “Ebola”

E Bo Bo Bo Bola


Well I’m not the world’s most sensitive guy

But I’m not sure it’s normal when you bleed from your eyes

What’s Ebola?

E Bo Bo Bo Bola

We danced all night and I kissed her goodbye

Then I hopped a plane to Dallas, took the red eye

With Ebola

E Bo Bo Bo Bola

E Bo Bo Bo Bola


Well I been back ‘bout a week or more

And I never had this kinda fever before

But the ER doc heard my complaints and said

“It’s a virus, here’s a Z pack, now go back home to bed”

Now I’m not a doc but I can’t understand

How I can travel from Liberia and not get scanned for


E Bo Bo Bo Bola

E Bo Bo Bo Bola


High fever today

Abdominal pain

It hurts in my brain

Is that blood in my pee?

Who’s that at my door? The CDC?


They said, No, those losers only try to confuse,

So we’ll handle this from here, we’re the guys from Fox News,

It’s Ebola. We repeat. It’s Ebola!!!

Saliva, sweat, vomit, blood, and poo is the cause

But let’s just blame Obama and trust Dr. Oz about Ebola


Now it’s ZDogg here to help us outta this mess

With a song that’s also going ‘viral’ I guess

While Ebola’s bad, let’s not forget the score

C. diff, staph, and flu already kill way more


But that doesn’t make for compelling TV

So we’ll make the same mistakes we made with HIV, for Ebola

E Bo Bo Bo Bola

E Bo Bo Bo Bola