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AstraZeneca & Johnson & Johnson Clotting Risk?

It looks like the association between AstraZeneca’s vaccine and a rare clotting/bleeding syndrome is real. Here’s what that means. (& now J&J’s vaccine too)

Here’s the Science review summary article with links to the primary studies.

And here’s my follow up live video talking about Johnson & Johnson as well.

Targeting Our COVID Response

We talk masking for kids, vaccine passports, unwinding fear-driven policy, variants schmariants, misguided public health messaging, YouTube censorship, why scientists suck on Twitter, and MUCH more, so strap yo-selves in!

Here’s my prior interview with Dr. Bhattacharya.

Here’s more about Jay.

How To Unwind Our Pandemic Of Anxiety

Can awareness and curiosity be the secret sauce to fighting our epidemic of worry and anxiety? The MOST fun you’ll have learning about mental health, I guarantee 😂

Dr. Jud Brewer is an addiction psychiatrist and neuroscientist. He is an associate professor at Brown University and executive medical director at Sharecare. His new book Unwinding Anxiety: New Science Shows How to Break the Cycles of Worry and Fear to Heal Your Mind is now a New York Times best seller.

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