Community health workers could be the solution to some of our toughest health and social problems, so why is no one listening?

Dr. Shreya Kangovi is an associate professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and executive director of the Penn Center For Community Health Workers. In this remarkable conversation she passionately lays out what a community health worker is, how to find and hire them, what the results of 3 randomized controlled trials using them show, how they may be the best hope to cure the racial inequities in healthcare (and beyond), how to fund them, and how we can ALL advocate for social and racial justice in our medical practice.

Here’s how YOU can learn more and help this movement to build Health 3.0:

  1. Check out their website including COVID-19 activities and a call to action 
  2. Videos of community health workers (CHWs) on COVID-19 and a more in-depth story
  3. Resources on social determinants of health programshiringintegrating CHWs, and how to get CHW programs right 
  4. Most recent data on randomized controlled trials, and an economic analysis
  5. Case study written by CHWs in Oregon on CHWs in COVID-19