Brace Yourself…Man Flu Is Coming

AKA Him-fluenza, ALT Bro-chitis

It’s been a general cultural practice to note that when women get sick, generally they suck it up in terms of complaining about symptoms. Acute myocardial infarction? Yeah doctor, I’m feeling a little nauseous and tad short of breath. But men? YEAH BRO THERE’S AN ELEPHANT SITTING ON MY CHEST.

Turns out the same difference in reporting of symptoms has been proposed to occur during upper respiratory infections like cold and flu. Many claim that men act like the world is falling apart, quickly assuming the sick role and moaning like they’re acutely dying. Women? Not so much.

Now the question is, do women and men actually EXPERIENCE symptoms of illness differently? Or are there societal and cultural influences that solely explain the differences? Or are we making all of this up to begin with? I reviewed the “evidence” and, well, watch and find out. And check out the BMJ “article” on the subject 🤧 And this followup. And this one

Note that women’s symptoms of heart attack can indeed be different than men’s. It may also be a bias of healthcare professionals to discount women’s symptoms while taking men’s more seriously. Guess what, like everything, MAN FLU IS COMPLICATED, BRO.

Antivaxxers Are Dumb As Rocks

Having watched this video, Stop Mandatory Vaccinations on Facebook posted this:


I can’t make this stuff up, people! Listen, for every person who becomes a SuperPac supporter on Facebook, I’ll pay for an antivaxxer to go back to high school and pass intro biology 👨‍🔬

You can check out the original video here on Facebook and share it with your friends and family. We owe it to our future generations to get at the ROOT CAUSES OF MAN FLU, PEOPLE. Don’t have time to watch the video? You can listen to the free podcast versions on iTunes and Soundcloud.

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