When it comes to COVID-19, don’t panic, but do prepare!

There’s not too much humor in a pandemic, but sometimes music and laughter can help us learn. Check out more information on the current status of the coronavirus outbreak and an interview with outbreak expert Dr. Peter Hotez here.

Lyrics by ZDoggMD with an assist from the Facebook Supporter Tribe.

Music track and audio engineering by Devin Moore.

Video funded entirely by supporters on Facebook and YouTube.

This is the third video of our Viral Trilogy: check out Ebola and Zika too!

Ooh, my little Wuhan one, viral one
Coming to congest my lungs, ay Corona
Zoo-o-notic transmission …where’s it from?
Bats or civet cats who knows why, Corona?

When’s it gonna stop, fever cough, wash your dirty hands
Why’d I ever stop in Hubei for vacation, man?
Why Why Why Why AHHH CHOOO

M-m-m-my Corona

Don’t you come no closer, huh, no closer bruh
Unless you got an N95, Corona
Got a travel history, I’m quarantined
Should’ve just quit touching my eyes, Corona

Never getting off, stuck onboard such a dirty boat
But why you hoarding masks when you live in Alaska tho?

Why ey ey ey ey NO
M m m my Corona
M m m my Corona

When’s it gonna get to me, get to me
You killed the doc that called you out, why Corona?
Internet conspiracy, COVID-19
Is it just a pack of communist lies, Corona?

Never gonna stop, media, such a dirty game
Cuz no one gets the shot for the flu but it’s just as lame
Why Why Why Why A Choo

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