The idea that the mind and the body are somehow connected isn’t new, nor is it rocket science. It’s a concept straight out of the Annals of the Obvious, confirmed by a meta-analysis in the New England Journal of DUH.

Western medicine has historically been appropriately skeptical of so-called Mind-Body approaches, given our tendency to want to explain causality in terms of molecules, receptors, and other such reductionism. After all, what do we call “alternative medicine” that actually works? Medicine.

But we are still only in the infant stages of our understanding of how our minds influence our “physical” health. Tremendous work has been going on in terms of understanding everything from the placebo effect to studying the ways that meditation, yoga, tai chi, controlled breathing, etc. can affect healthcare utilization. Could we have non-pharmacologic approaches to managing stress, pain, and other afflictions?

As someone who discovered meditation late in life, I’ve become a believer based on my own empiric experience as well as the emerging data. Let’s study it more, and let’s stop being afraid of the hippies.

Unless they don’t vaccinate. In which case we should be VERY afraid.


Based on Heathens by Twenty One Pilots.

Written by ZDoggMD and Dr. Harry

Audio Engineering, Mixing, and track reconstruction by the legendary Devin Moore.

Directed by Tom Hinueber

Cinematography and editing by Logan Stewart

Produced by Variables of Light


  • Dr. Dave Hart as “that one skeptical doc”
  • Ethan O’Donnell as “The Hippie”
  • Nina Perales, Turntable Health’s LCSW and Yoga instructor, as “The Yoga Guru”

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All these folks are hippies they say OMMM
Acupuncture needles in their dome
Please don’t make me do yoga moves
These carts are so tiny at Whole Foods
All these hippies love their placebos
Wait for them to vaccinate, they won’t
Please don’t feed their pets GMOs
Blame gluten when Jane gets polio
Welcome to the room of people
Who have rooms of crystals that will heal their gout
Don’t ask how
Just because you drink your milk unpasteurized
Simply means your stools come out like sauerkraut
You’ll never cure a cancer with essential oils
You’ll never get the answer wearing that tinfoil
Dear god is that a coffee enema, oh boy
Now after all this stress, give me my meds
All my friends in healthcare we just throw
Lots of pills at stuff, that’s how we roll
Our concept of how to relax
Some percocet chased with Xanax
We don’t deal with mind-body very well
We tend just to buy only what we sell
Yeah, trust issues, not to mention
We hardly know how to handle our own tension
You’d never know that doctor sitting next to you
Is a burned out stress case, doesn’t have a clue
You’d think, “They got a pill for that? Oh sure we do…”
But after all these meds
Inside I’m dead
All my friends are hippies take it slow
Mindfulness, attention to the now
Deep breathing, tai chi, yoga moves
You don’t know the good this stuff can do
All my friends are hippies we say ommmm
(Pop it)
Mindfulness, attention to the now
(Pop it)
Please all my friends are hippies take it slow
(Pop it)
Homeopathy’s still BS tho
Why’d we take so long to find our way
Mind-body tools can be evidence based
And now we’ve got more options to trust
Not just for our patients but for us

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