The Vegas Nerve: Episode 1

Downtown Las Vegas is DOPE.

There. I got that off my chest. Since arriving in Sim City (not a typo) on April Fool’s Day 2012 (not a joke), I’ve been stunned by the energy and potential of this place. I’ve also been blown away by how open and willing the community is to try epic new things here. Within 3 days of arriving I got to meet to Senator Harry Reid to discuss the state of healthcare in Vegas! Within 5 minutes of that meeting I found myself in an impressive choke-hold by secret service types. OK, it wasn’t really secret service—it was Senator Reid himself. I had no idea mixed-martial-arts training was a requirement to be a senator from Nevada…but I’m training for the rematch.

Anyways, now it’s time to get to work. There’s LOTS to be done here, and we at ZDoggMD Industries are super excited to be a part of it. In the meantime, check out our first episode of The Vegas Nerve.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to apply some Midnight Oil® brand tanning lotion to my dome. Until next time homies!

[Editors note: three years later, the resultant desert-induced sun damage would lead to this epic Taylor Swift PSA smackdown]



  • Ok Z so what is the story about what you are doing in vegas? I sorta thought some of that was humor but I see it is real. Help me out here cause I want to follow my favorite (well, my only) humurous (spelling intended) funny medical person. LOL

  • Ok so I read the article but I want to know how he found you. You are wacko, which rhymes with zappo, is that it? BTW, you videos are on the same wavelength as The Office reruns with Steve Carrell. I could watch them over and over and still love them!!!!!!

  • Ok so it is me again. Reruns for you!! Do you need a pharmacist for your endeavors? I don’t think you really would but it is worth asking cause to work with a comedic genius like Dr. Harry would be AWESOME

    • Dude, the Tony connection is a long and sordid tale best told in another video. Thanks for the love yo! You’ll be the first pharmacist we hire, if robots don’t replace us all…

      • Do you really think that perhaps you might need a pharmacist in the future??

        • Actually, I need a pharmacist FROM the future. I may have mispoken.\n\nNo seriously, we might! Stay tuned.

  • Mike Sherriff

    “It’s fragmented. It’s inconsistent. The quality?”\n\nYou should fit right in ZDizzle. \n\nI do have a question though. Is it okay to belittle one’s patients, if you are doing it for therapeutic reasons? \n\nPlease notify me of follow-up comments by telegraph.

    • My understanding of Morse code fails me right now, so the telegraph is out.\n\nUnfortunately, the adult entertainers are not my current clientele. So I’m belittling someone ELSE’s patients.

  • You should try turning on the automatic captions… it’s got a warped mind of its own, I tell ya!

  • Doc Quixote

    I rarely disagree Z..but unfortunately Freddie Mercury was narrowly edged out in 2007 by Shayan Italia for “Zoroastrian Male Pop Singer Lifetime Achievement…” Sorry.

    • Doc Quixote

      But don’t ask me how because Freddie Mercury is still the bomb!

    • Doc Quixote

      And how on Earth did you get Sinead O’Connor to guest host the first episode of “The Vegas Nerve”? You ARE meeting some serious celebrities! Nothing compares to you, Z!

      • I once controversially tore up a picture of Freddy Mercury on SNL.

  • Doc Quixote I miss you! Are your hemorrhoid surgeries and yacht maintenance REALLY taking up all your spare time? I just watched Code Gold last night again and every time it makes me laugh out loud! LOL I mean.

    • We need to get Quixote out to Vegas. That would be some true Fear and Loathing stuff!

  • So, let me get this straight…you are going to do videos full time? \n\nA guy I work with said he was in downtown Vegas years ago and it was pretty scary. You be careful ZDogg. \n\nI actually looked this whole thing up on the internet and it sounds really cool. I hope it works. \n\nI think its really cool that you are wlling to take this chance. Can’t wait to see the results. You’re my hero.

    • Actually, videomaking will be only part of my job. We’re also working to design a new approach to delivering primary care for Downtown Vegas and Zappos, and also doing some other supersecret stuff. \n\nI wish I had MORE time to do videos actually! Perhaps if I get thrown in jail I’ll get to make videos full time instead of license plates. Plus I’d get street cred.



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