Wearing sunscreen is important. Skin cancer SUCKS. So does getting all wrinkly and leathery and whatnot.

That said, sun-related skin damage had an upside: it gave us a reason to do this over-the-top parody of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood. We pulled out all the stops this time. Perhaps we should have put them back in? Watch and decide.

In the meantime, learn more about choosing an appropriate sunscreen here so you too can avoid that Bad Skin.


PS: this is the first ZDoggMD video presented in 4K, so you’ll never miss another fine wrinkle. Enjoy!

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ZDoggMD as herself.

Simon Lim: Asian Grandma (OMG, IT’S A DUDE! see if you can spot him in our other video about readmissions)

Dr. Christine Estrada, Dr. Ignasia Tanone: The epic Asian Visor Posse girls.

Dr. Dave Hart: Double-dip chip witnessing party goer.

Amy Wishard, Johannie Badgewell, Shun Otsubo: Sunscreen partiers.

Mary White: Sunscreen catcher and all around key grip/best girl/awesome person.

Tom Hinueber: Drowned sunscreen attack victim



Tom Hinueber, from Variables of Light: Director

Logan Stewart, from Variables of Light: Cinematography and editing

Shun Otsubo and Sam Zapian: Crew

Jenny Egidio: Amazing makeup queen

Special thanks to: Jenna Fox, Melat Demeke, and Dr. Hide Shigemitsu


Cause baby now we got bad skin
They tell us we should stop tannin’
Quit layin’ out in the sun
‘Cause baby now we got bad skin
I can’t take it back, my skin is jacked
We used to be so baby smooth remember that?
My SPF went MIA, UV attacked
But now my skin’s looking like George Hamilton’s on crack
Butt naked when I bake it, every inch I radiate it
These dark arts leave dark marks, now my face looks corrugated
Wrinkled and decimated, sunburn gon’ peel fo sho’
My skin don’t heal no mo’, and I bet this mole ain’t supposed to bleed uh oh, owwww!
Oh, it’s so sad to
Think about the good sun-
Screen could do…
But baby now we got bad skin
And Fukushima got nothin’
On how I nuke my own face
So baby now we got bad skin
Now we got problems
Don’t think the doctor can solve ‘em
She made a really deep cut
To test a piece of my bad skin
Remember when that mole began to change
Remember when the borders looked so strange, don’t you remember?
Diameter expanding, doc is demanding a biopsy, but you out there tanning?!
UV’s the reason for liver spots, coarse wrinkles, fine wrinkles too, actinic keratosis, basal, squamous cancers true, but of all these things, don’t get that melanoma
‘Cause you could just die from that bad skin now
Oh it’s so sad to
Think about the good sun-
Screen could do
Cause baby now we got bad skin
This melanoma keeps spreadin’
Just take a look what you’ve done
Cause this is more than just bad skin!
Now we got cancer
And I don’t think they got answers
They made a really deep cut
But couldn’t get all that bad skin
Band aids don’t fix killer moles
You keep tanning just for show
You bake like that, you’ll be a ghost
SPF-30 when outdoors
Wide brimmed hats and long-sleeved clothes
If you tan in beds, you tan with ghosts
And if you burn like that, your skin is toast

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