Natural is better, right?

In one of our most riveting interviews yet, Britt Marie Hermes (author of The Naturopathic Diaries) details her journey from SoCal teenager afflicted with disfiguring psoriasis through her disillusionment with the impersonal Western medical machine, to her training as a naturopathic physician.

But it’s what happened in her first 3 years of practice that will make your jaw drop and teach us all about the arcane world of witchcraft and wizardry that draws in vulnerable patients (and future practitioners) looking for hope, while delivering…well, you’ll just have to listen and learn exactly what they serve up.

A tale of fear, courage, and the ultimate triumph of science, reason, and true compassion.

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3 Responses to “From Zero to Hero: Ditching Naturopathy for Science”

  1. Steve Parker, M.D.

    Riveting interview!
    I admire Britt for her courage and integrity. It’s gotta be hard to turn your back on a $130,000 and four-year investment of your life.
    I bet most naturopaths who have been “practicing” for 3-5 years realize it’s a scam. I wonder what Britt thinks about that.

  2. kerok

    In awe of her ability to self-reflect, self-analyze, make a such a profound personal change.

  3. Melissa Yacher

    Amazing interview! ZDogg, I think you’ll appreciate what one of the hospitalists with whom I work said. The part about the made up, “multiple chemical sensitivity disorder” made me think of it. He told me one of his professors once said, “If your patient has more than six allergies and more than three cats run like hell because they’re bat shit crazy.” 😂 I’m an RN at Henrico Doctor’s Hospital in Richmond and I love your stuff. This woman is awesome and so brave. Thanks for all you do. Your videos help keep me sane.


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