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King of the Specialities.

And as such it deserves its own music video parody. Right? RIGHT?!?


  • Written by ZDoggMD & Tom Hinueber
  • Performance by ZDoggMD
  • Audio Engineering by Devin Moore
  • Editing by Logan Stewart, Tom Hinueber, and ZDoggMD
  • Cinematography by Logan Stewart
  • Crew: Ethan O’Donnell, Chanston Bender
  • Sand Art: Tom Hinueber


Can’t keep my hands to myself

Think I’ll glove em up, check up on this man’s health

In case his little bitty wee wee’s in need

Man I went into the right field!

Ooh woo I’m a doctor just for dicks now

I been feeling ‘em since 1966 now

That spermatocele, yeah I feel it still…

Ooh woo I’m a doctor just for dicks now

That discharge is looking really sick wow

Bend on over bro, lemme feel that prostate owwww…

Can’t keep my hands to myself