Beware the Clostridiapocalypse!

Ok, perhaps I’m being overly dramatic. Then again, maybe not…

Always thought this would make a great name for a Metal band…

You see, there is a contagion in our midst, good people. A contagion that WE helped to create and then disseminate. Our overuse of antibiotics along with a lack of adherence to proper infection control practices has unleashed this unnatural plague upon the unsuspecting bowels of the world. And the proton pump inhibitors don’t help, either.

All of us in healthcare have seen the nastiness C. diff colitis can cause; I’ve seen patients otherwise healthy who’ve died of complications from Clostridium difficile infection. Freeman White —my most excellent Downtown Vegas compatriot and amazing camera dude—has a loved one who was seriously affected by the disease (which was contracted in the hospital during an admission for a routine surgical procedure). It ain’t a joke, homies…it can be a heartbreaking, life-changing disaster.

Dr. Harry soars as patient Mos Diff.

But we CAN have some fun edumedicating about it…hence our silly video! Initially, Freeman and I sketched it out as an epic Hollywood-style zombie flick—complete with actors, C. diff zombies, special effects, and cocaine habits for all involved. But then reality bit, and we scaled it down…especially when I found out the legendary Dr. Harry would be visiting yours truly in Downtown Vegas. Despite being mistaken for Mr. Chow by tourists on the Strip, Harry found time to do some of the best acting of his storied career—and this in between repeated visits to pay homage at the Liberace Museum.

So spread the word (but not the spores) y’all, and don’t forget to sign up for our email list on the upper right so you’ll never miss another video. And BIG love to Phat Darkie, a plastic surgeon and sick DJ who kindly supplied the hot, silicone-enhanced backing track!

Download this track (and all the others) here!

Dawn of the Diff (C. Diff Rap Lyrics)

You go to the doctor to talk ’em in

To givin’ antibiotics for your coughin’ thing

They explain that the pain in your throat’s a virus

“Antibiotics are not desirous!”

But you ain’t hearing this, you get all in they face

“Why, this is malpractice, a total disgrace!

I’m not leaving this place without a script, my man!”

Frustrated and berated, doc throws up his hands

  Day 1: Zithromax pill on your tongue

Protective bugs in your gut killed off, son

Day 8: Your belly ain’t feeling so great

And runny diarrhea straight ruins your date

  Fee Fi Fo Fum…I smell the stench of Clostridium

Difficile colitis serves ya rightis

For wasting antibiotics on a virus

Now C. diff’s free to grow—no competition

The spores that it sows? Fecal-oral transmission

  In the ED you’re marinatin’

While your C. diff’s straight disseminatin’

  Yo! Now this ain’t no run of the mill type runs

Cause the C. diff germs ain’t fun

They the ones with the toxins, fever, septic shock and toxic megacolon, yo!

And the spores that they shed in the hospital bed ain’t dead with Purell gel

What the hell?

Use contact precautions, hand washin’, hospital personnel!

 ZDoggMD just keepin’ it real

With some loose smelly rhymes and old skool feel

Zombies creepin’ like Dawn of the Dead

C. diff seepin’ and spawnin’ to spread

Use antibiotics as intended

And wash your hands now docs like you meant it

If you don’t buy my advice, at least rent it

Hot mess in your shorts? Prevent it!