Ever notice that being human seems kind of unbearable at times? What happens when you look for the one who’s really running the show?

Originally streamed LIVE to YouTube, a crazy discussion about the nature of reality, embodying duality within non-duality, post-realization motivation and so much more. And here’s the video from my epic Alaska trip.

Topic List:

  • Does anything matter: embracing and embodying duality within non-duality
  • Why is reality always perfect…not in the human sense of the word, but PERFECT nonetheless
  • Emotion and shadow work as an ongoing process during the realization “journey”
  • Who are you? What is your true nature?
  • Why there is no “awakening” in the truest sense
  • The Matrix and the motivation to change the world post-realization
  • The unexpected wisdom of the Barbie movie (beyond the polarized media nonsense)

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