Flu season is upon us once again. Are you ready?

Step 1: get your flu shot cuz…SCIENCE.

Step 2: if you’re a healthcare person, I bet you assume the rapid antigen flu test swab you use for your patients is accurate? Not so fast, G-funk.

Better tests are available, as I learned from my friends at Cepheid. Learn more at GetTheRightTest.com.

Accurate, fast results mean better antimicrobial stewardship, fast treatment for those at risk who need it, and less repeat testing along with wasted time. So bump this 90’s-era jam on your crash cart!



  • Lyrics and Rap: ZDoggMD (w/ an assist from Tom Hinueber and Logan Stewart)
  • Audio Production: Devin Moore (a parody of This DJ by Warren G)
  • Video Peeps: ZDoggMD, Tom Hinueber, Stephanie Lapid, Dr. Christine Estrada, Dr. Dave Hart, Allison Anderson, a pharmacist and a bunch of residents (hit me with your deets, people!) and my homies from Cepheid! #ThugLyfe

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It’s never easy when you’re listening to the jacked up sounds

Waiting room overflowin’ as they cough all around

I gotta gown up and mask cuz it’s easy to see

That this flu season’s killin’ me

Patients come in and they bummin’, fevers, coughin’

Might attenuate if they’d just vaccinate

Skipped the shot, now they got, Flu…A

Or is it just a cold? Yo homie why debate?

That’s the job fo’ tha’ swab, rapid antigen

Cuz PCR sendouts? got no time fo’ them

Rack ‘em up, Stack ‘em up, all up on my nurse’s plate

Them patients gettin’ antsy cuz they can’t…wait

Damn, that q-tip goes in deep!

But it lit up negative so d/c to street

But it was flu, cuz he bounced back again

And now my Press Ganey’s a minus ten…

He’s kind of sneezy and his lungs are making hacked up sounds

Waiting room overflowin’ so I can’t even round

I got that swab for your nose, but it’s easy to see

This old flu test is killin’ me

He’s kinda sneezy and I’m rushing through this flu’d up crowd

Antigen tests I did have been letting me down

I got that swab, may be fast, but it’s easy to see

This old flu test lacks accuracy

Bed 2, (uh oh), now what the heck I do?

Z-Pack this fool, or send him home with Tamiflu?

And cause some c diff on the side

Here comes the CEO man, time to hide

So I hops on the phone wit my ID pro

Lady tells me, Z, there’s something better yo

Improve on the test we using, don’t double do’s it, get it right the first, no do overs

It’s point-of-care molecular

Fast, accurate and easy cuz it’s PCR

He was 14 years old, fever & hack

Just a young diabetic with an asthma attack

Get it right so he can get back to school

And go back to Fortnite, and sippin’ on that Mountain Dew

And his flu, man, it’s all reversed

You don’t believe me? Go ask my nurse…

It’s kinda easy when ya listening to the ZDogg sounds

Waiting room straight bumping as I smoke through these rounds

I got the swab for the job and it’s easy to see

That this flu thang ain’t stressing me

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