Should health care professionals fear consumer genetic testing?

After all, patients can order them without clinician prescriptions, and there have been concerns raised about accuracy, privacy, and anxiety/stress resulting when patients receive their genetic information without getting counseling from their care team.

Are these valid concerns? What’s changed since the early days of this testing? We asked Ann Wojcicki, CEO of 23andMe (the largest consumer genetic testing company) at her headquarters in Mountain View, CA. In this far-ranging interview, we talk frankly about the interface between patient empowerment and Health 3.0. Topics include FDA partnerships, research applications for our genetic information, privacy issues, the nature of disruptive innovation in health care, and whether the series Silicon Valley is too accurate.

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And health care peeps: this episode is sponsored by 23andMe, and as such they’re offering a special discount to Z-Pac members of $99 + shipping (regular $199 + shipping) for their Health and Ancestry genetic testing. Get your voucher here!





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