One Injection to Rule Them All

One Flu Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

There’s only one thing I love more than science-based medical gangsta rap—and that’s a good old-fashioned Boy Band! So how could I resist when the Human Resources team at approached me about making a video PSA promoting their free flu shot clinic? I mean, science + music + shoes = What?? I was in feet-first with both velcro-strapped Keds, yo!

Especially when I realized that there was this adorable new Boy Band called One Direction, with a syrupy pop ditty called What Makes You Beautiful. A perfect parody storm!

One Mission

So I hooked up with the Zappos AV crew and we got to work. Now these guys do not mess around—it was fantastic to shoot at Zappos headquarters with such an amazing and energetic bunch of folks. Even if I got no free shoes. Zero. Not even flip-flops. What??

Flu shot video | ZDoggMD | Zappos
Get your flu shot on, yo!

Where was I? Oh yeah! So working with Patrick Warren, Darren Flores, and ‘Gonzo’ from Zappos was a hoot. You can see all of ’em in the video, including Zappos’ head of charity stuff Stevie Bautista as the hottest nurse EVER. We did a version of the video for the All Hands meeting and I got to speak to 1700 employees and visitors about the importance of flu vaccinations at the amazing Smith Center in Downtown Las Vegas. That’s right folks: ZDoggMD is a bigger Vegas star than Celine! (Note: I’m referring to Celine Witherspoon, from the Zappos mail room. Not that other ‘Celine’.)

One Injection: The Flu Shot

So we’re hoping that this video raises awareness about the importance of our seasonal influenza vaccination. Myths about flu shot, dispelled:

  • Flu Shot Causes Flu:  nope. Inactivated viral fragments in the vaccine don’t cause the flu. The virus is deader than Tupac, yo. You may get some localized soreness and low grade fever/muscle aches from the immune response to the vaccine (a good thing), but that ain’t flu. Like any vaccine, there are rare severe side effects, but the benefits of mass vaccination outweigh these by far.
  • Flu Shot Don’t Work: untrue. Flu shot is an effective way to produce complete or partial immunity to the covered influenza strains. Obviously, no vaccine is 100% effective, but even a partially effective vaccine has huge benefits when we’re talking about something nasty that can be prevented, like the flu.
  • I Don’t Get Sick, So I Ain’t Gettin’ the Shot: OK, and I bet your poo don’t stink either, smarty pants! Up to 50% of people with documented influenza viral infection have no symptoms. Yet they can in theory spread the virus to our most vulnerable, like little kids and the elderly. So vaccinate yourself, because it’s about Community Immunity!
Flu Shot ECard | ZDoggMD
Another ZDoggMD ZCard Original!


Lyrics for One Injection

You’re insecure, don’t know what for

Scared that she’s gonna rock your world and leave sore?

Don’t understand her master plan

And you’re so scared of her you peed in your pants!


But everyone else in the room’s been with her

She’ll do everyone, even you…

Homie if you don’t hook up it’s just misery

The sweats and fevers and aches ain’t no mystery

Boy she’s been yearning to poke you it’s plain to see

Don’t say no, go and get your flu shot yo!

Stick it in, squeeze it, then rub it here

You might be sore the next day but nothing to fear

‘Cause after all she just gives it up once a year

Don’t be slow, go and get your flu shot yo!

All my homies at Zappos!

ZDoggMD, with the DTP (Downtown Project), Zappos we gonna keep ya healthy

Core Value: Delivering OWWW! Flu shot is what we delivering now

How can ya get the flu from the flu shot

The flu in the flu shot’s deader than Tupac

Sure you may get sore or a fever, but ya save more babies than Beiber

For you, the flu, is just a drag

But you spreadin’ flu puts others in a bodybag!

If everyone here were just vaccinated, then everyone might be immune

Baby, inoculate against this misery

If not for you then for friends and for family

‘Cause influenza can end ya, it’s plain to see

It may blow, but go and get your flu shot yo

All my homies at Zappos…

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