Stop feeling helpless and overwhelmed…here’s what YOU can do to slow the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s the official CDC guidance. Check out all of our coronavirus coverage here.

– Okay, if you watch the media and the news right now, most people are feeling pretty helpless in the face of this coronavirus hysteria. And the truth is, there’s some simple things you can do to actually save the world, to make things a lot better, okay? If you’re a patient, first of all you should know this, that the symptoms of coronavirus infection are fever, cough, some shortness of breath, some muscle aches. Sound a little vague? Little runny nose, sound a little vague?

It’s ’cause it is, it could be any viral infection that does that. Now, the shortness of breath component is the part you should worry about if it get bad because most of the people who get really sick have progressive shortness of breath and they end up needing help in a hospital. But, if you don’t have a lotta that, here’s how you can help. Don’t go to your doctor. Don’t go to the ER, don’t go urgent care, don’t go to retail clinic, stay home, call your healthcare professional and see what they’d like you to do. And I’ll tell you why. Because in most cases they’re gonna tell you to sit and wait and watch and see if your symptoms are changing.

If you’re having fevers, you’re contagious with whatever you are infected with. It could be influenza, it could be a cold, it could be coronavirus. So the bottom line is, you’re gonna treat it same way. Stay about six feet away from other people that you could infect, loved ones, especially people who are vulnerable like the elderly, people with immune dysfunction, people who have other diseases. And, wash your hands, cough into your elbow. Disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched. Don’t go into big crowded places or confined areas. This is just the common sense. Now why wouldn’t you just go to the doctor? They would test you and they’d do all this right. Terrible idea. And this is why. If you have coronavirus, you go to the doctor if you don’t need to, you’re gonna end up with getting flu or strep throat or something else because there are a lotta sick people there and your immune system’s already all jacked up. If you have influenza, you may go and get coronavirus.

So if you don’t need to see the doctor, and they’re not gonna give you any medicine for this, don’t go. Again, if your having shortness of breath or you’re an older person or you’re not able to keep food down or you’re light headed or or your mental state is changing, those are alarm signs and you need to go. But that’s what we need the hospital for. Save that capacity. Because in Italy and other places, hospitals are overwhelmed. Help us healthcare givers help you by reserving those places for the sickest people and protecting others. If you go out when you’re infective, you’re putting other people at risk. And you’re putting yourself at risk.

So, my advice is this. If you wanna save the world and feel empowered in the state of this, if you’re having symptoms, stay home, call your doctor. Unless there were those alarm systems I talked about, okay? Do all the things we talked about, about covering your cough and not infecting others, and this thing will go away eventually. We will overcome it. And you’ll save the capacity for people who get really sick ’cause it does happen. Save that capacity for people who need it. All right guys? I love you. Share this video. Become a supporter. And we out, stay safe. No good, I’m dying!