Dedicated to my 3rd grade teacher, Mr. Johnson, who told me “Singing about your poop will get you nowhere, son.”

Well, who’s nowhere NOW, old man?

A brand new Medimoji parody featuring Dr. Crapindra Poomoji, GI doc, and serious fan of Toto’s Africa. Check it out here on Facebook, comment, and share with all those who told you you’d go nowhere, too.

Guitar and Vocals: ZDoggMD

Lyrics: ZDoggMD, Tom Hinueber, Logan Stewart, and hella Twitter peeps

Audio production: Devin Moore

I hear the bowels echoing tonight

But they speak only whispers of some quiet constipation

She’s comes in clutching her backside

The KUB reflects the stool gas pattern from impaction

I stopped an old doc along the way

Hoping to find some long forgotten pearls or ancient remedies

He turned to me as if to say, “Her rectum, boy, it’s waiting there for you.”


It’s gonna take a lot to make this old lady poo

There’s nothing that some ducolax or mag could ever do

I left a stain from the enema

Gonna take some time to get this poo outta of my coat

Oh no