HPV Vaccine Prevents Cancer!

Did we get your attention?

ZPupp is now 11, so along with her TDaP and Meningococcus vaccines, she received her first HPV vaccine… LIVE!

The HPV vaccine can PREVENT CANCER, and preventing cancer is pretty much the dopest thing you can do (because having to treat it—or having to die from it—is a LOT less dope). Want a shareable music video about it? Check out “More Than Warts.”

In 2016, CDC changed the recommendation to two doses 6-12 months apart for kids starting the series before their 15th birthday. So don’t wait, cuz later on it’s three shots! Here’s a guide.

All three HPV vaccines have been shown to be exceedingly safe (despite what the haters would have you believe, incorrectly). Dr. Lois Ramondetta talked extensively on our show about the HPV vaccine in relation to cervical cancer prevention.


You’ll also notice we used the Buzzy pain modulation device, which uses a combination of cold and vibration to replace reduce injection pain. Dr. Amy Baxter talks more about the Buzzy and the latest research on needle fear and whether we might, with good intentions, be creating a lost generation of needle-phobic antivaxxers. Luckily, ZPupp isn’t one of them, as you’ll see. #brave

If your kids are coming up on 11 (both boys and girls), it’s the perfect time to get educated and get them protected.


Check out the original video here on Facebook and leave your comments. You can share this with your friends and family and prevent cancer in your kids!

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