Just Can’t Get Enough

  • Fact: the easy availability of internet porn at a young age presents the Millennial generation (and others) with potentially serious issues. See this excellent article in The Atlantic.
  • Fact: we don’t entirely understand the effects of this hyper-stimulating, artificial reality on developing brains, nor do we understand the long term social and sexual effects. See this article in Salon and watch the TED talk at the bottom of this post.
  • Fact: we ignore and stigmatize this issue at our peril. If healthcare providers can’t talk about this openly, who can?

Just Can’t Get It Up: An Internet Porn (Addiction) Parody

So, Josh.0 and I decided that the time was ripe for an important musical PSA on the perils of excessive internet pornography use: an internet porn parody, if you will. Thanks to Facebook fan Terisa Lynn Foster Flick for winning our “obscure medical condition” contest with “spheno-palatine-ganglioneuralgia”! And props to the Black Eyed Peas for their song “Just Can’t Get Enough” which is the perfect substrate for this, uh, sticky topic!

Download this spankin’ track by clicking here! 

Girl I think about it every night and day

I’m addicted, gotta surf to find my love.

Don’t think that I can have it any other way

Internet porn’s got me weird and kinda numb…

And now I just can’t get it up

For you I just can’t get it up

Too much click surf click and rub

And now I just can’t get it up

Without porn…

Internet porn has got me reelin’

And I’m feelin’ like I’m losing all the feelin’

In my junk, and I’ve kinda hit a ceilin’

‘Cause my skin down there has started peelin’

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