Dr. Harry–a best buddy since med school and a pediatrician–stopped by the day Gary Coleman died. In a stroke of fate I parlayed the tragedy into a chance to finally get him on tape doing his thing, whatever that may be. I told him it was for poops and giggles and I wouldn’t post it, and then I posted it anyways, leaving him to splutter, “Whatchu talkin’ bout, ZDogg?”

R.I.P Arnold…

This video was done in one continuous spontaneous shot, around 10 minutes long, and then edited quickly and posted STAT. It’s pretty ridiculous, but was a lot of fun to do and–we thought, anyways–an appropriate tribute to an actor who was such a big part of our childhood. I’ve since been bombarded with questions about The Gooch, Arnold’s never-seen-but-highly-feared school bully on Diff’rent Strokes. Look guys, we really don’t have proof that the Gooch was involved in this tragedy. But there is a LOT of circumstantial evidence–that’s all we’re talkin’ bout, Willis.

Now the world don’t move, to the beat of just one drum.

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