Yo YO! My boy Dr. Rob Orman of the legendary ER podcast ERCast wasn’t fazed our previous, obscenity-laced discussion on the salty topic of hyponatremia. In fact, he decided to double down on dirty by asking me to talk to him about hypertension. Luckily, I know a thing or two about that topic, having cheated off Dr. Harry on the boards all those years ago. From my memory of his multiple choice answers to the hypertension questions, I have reconstructed a 1997 state of the art understanding of the massive topic of high blood pressure. And I spit it all out in this podcast, along with a gangsta rap ode to elevated BP.


A word of warning: being a typical emergency medicine physician, Dr. Rob is used to hearing obscenities chronically and hence a couple of the many I used managed to escape censorship. Kids shouldn’t listen to this podcast, not so much due to the aforementioned bad language (and bad accents), but rather because education about hypertension is a touchy, emotional subject and should be done face-to-face by parents—not left to a podcast. If you still don’t have the courage to talk to your children about hypertension, don’t fret: we’re working on an afterschool special.

Listen to the podcast here.

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