Had a great discussion with the boys from TRIGGERnometry on all things COVID.

00:00 Intro
03:01 What is the Alt Middle?
06:52 COVID Tribes: Antithesis vs Thesis
10:00 Acknowledging Biases
14:56 The Truth About Early Therapeutics
18:52 Joe Rogan, Censorship and the Failures of the Mainstream
23:23 Vaccine: Side Effects, mRNA, Hesitancy
32:06 What is Myocarditis?
34:02 Vaccine Mandates: Cases For/Against
41:56 Pandemic Outcomes: South America vs Africa
43:44 Why Don’t We Talk About Obesity and Nutrition?
47:12 Elite Athletes: Heart Issues and Collapsing
51:13 Spike Protein Toxicity
55:50 Why People Distrust Big Pharma
01:00:15 How Scientists Should Communicate
01:06:43 Are the Unvaccinated a petri dish for variants?
01:07:55 Where Did Omicron Come From?
01:09:19 Gain-of-Function Research
01:10:28 Is Omicron the end of the Pandemic?
01:17:43 The Truth About Natural Immunity
01:24:29 Why Zubin Did Not Want the Booster
01:25:41 Long Term Effects of COVID-19 (Long COVID)
01:30:44 What Are We Not Talking About That We Really Should Be?

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