Episode III, Revenge of the Fax is the epic climax of our “Star Wards” trilogy saga!  Doc Vader scours the hospital trying to reach an elusive consultant, but in the end he’s forced to go TOTALLY DARK SIDE…and the Joint Commission ain’t gonna like it.


Episode I, the #pagermenace foreshadowed an epic conflict between archaic communications of the past and a coming future of secure, seamless, patient-centered and team-based technology. But the shadow of the overhead page loomed over all…

Episode II, The Clone Wards is a tension-filled journey into the heart of miscommunication and burnout in the hospital. Dude, where’s my lightsaber?

Thanks to Backline by DrFirst for helping make my childhood fantasy of starring in and producing a real Star Wars movie a reality. They’re focused on building solutions that help the entire healthcare team communicate easily, securely, and with nary a pager or fax machine in sight. Check it out at http://pagermenace.com!

Watch the original trailer here!



Written by ZDoggMD, Tom Hinueber, Dr. Harry, and Doc Quixote

Cinematography by Variables of Light.

Shot on location at our favorite local Las Vegas hospital.

Original music and sound engineering by Devin Moore and ZDoggMD

Directed by Tom Hinueber



ZDoggMD as Doc Vader

Devin Moore as Young Kyle

Ethan O’Donnell as Stormtrooper resident

Dr. Christine Estrada as HR Lady




Chanston Bender

Logan Stewart

Tom Hinueber

Ethan O’Donnell

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