I first read The House of God as a third year medical resident, and I finally felt connected and validated…it was a communalization of pain and fiction-as-resistance. And FUNNY.

It shifted my mindset about the struggles of medical training and working in our broken non-system—from I am crazy to THIS is crazy. And that changes everything.

Well now the author, Sam Shem (aka physician-writer Stephen Bergman) is releasing a sequel, Man’s 4th Best Hospital. I had the pleasure to read an advance copy and once again, Shem has written the perfect novel for our times, a novel of resistance to the dehumanization and brutality of Health 2.0. It brings back the major characters from House of God and follows as they attempt to build a clinic and brings the humanity back to medicine, a Health 3.0 vision in a world of corporate rackets driven by money.

In this live rant I talk about what we can learn from Shem about how to resist and reconnect with our calling…and each other.

Pre-order the book here. And please read Shem’s amazing Annals of Internal Medicine piece about Fiction As Resistance here.


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