Dr. Harry Returns to Save Us…From Disco.


That the American Heart Association has been pushing 1970’s era swill on an unsuspecting public has never settled well with Dr. Harry. I mean, who the heck would really use Stayin’ Alive as a reference for the pace of chest compressions in CPR? How would Dr. Harry ever possibly look cool flexing his hastily oiled triceps while vigorously pushing on the sternum…to the Bee Gees?


Now USHER…yeah, that’s a completely different subject.


As it turns out, the beat of Usher’s 2004 classic club anthem “Yeah” is just about the same as the minimum pace of chest compressions recommended to save a life when you see an adult or teen collapse. And it turns out, around 2008 researchers suggested that doing mouth to mouth (or “rescue breaths” as they’re known in the business) is probably not needed to save lives…just:

  1. Call 911 or have a friend call.
  2. Push hard and fast in the center of the chest at least 100 times/minute.
  3. Don’t stop until help arrives.
  4. IF there is an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) nearby, then use it as directed (and attach it to the chest as quickly as possible, even before starting CPR). There’s a voice prompt that will walk you through the process…of potentially saving a life.
  5. Flex triceps entire time. If muscle oil is available, apply liberally.

In conjunction with the staff of Turntable Health, the amazing folks at Fremont East Studios donated their time and resources to produce this amazing video. And Downtown Vegas stepped up with volunteers and extras galore!


Quick credits:


Written, edited, and performed by Dr. Harry, ZDoggMD, and Josh.0.

Videography, photography, color correction, and killer club lights/fog machine by Fremont East Studios (with special thanks to Freeman White III).

Track engineered by Colton Rybus (with original music backing track by Usher).

And a special thanks to some of our club dancers: Chelsea Gaylord, Bhawna Provenzano, Natalie Conlon, Elizabeth Bledsoe, and Dr. Amanda Angelotti.

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[Dr. Harry]
Up in the club with the ZDogg, can’t believe I paid 2-5
Just to dance with these D-bags—this place kinda smells
Not a shawty was checkin’ up on us
Despite the tats and the earrings, they could tell that we’re forty
So we bought some Cristal…
Drinks were kinda expensive
When I saw the tab, my heart was ready to blow
(watch out, oh, watch out)
Chest pain was extensive
Then my heart stopped and I collapsed to the floor
I don’t wanna die poor!
And when I saw him I said
Clear Clear, homie dropped down, so I best move quickly
Clear Clear, but then I got caught up thinkin’ where his lips have been
Clear Clear, if I don’t move now, Imma lose my homie
Clear Clear, don’t you die on me, can’t pay this tab myself, G!
I’m freakin’ out in my head now
Got me thinkin’ that it might be a good idea to call somebody
Better check with Siri? *now locating nearest morgue*
But should I post this first on Facebook?
Maybe an Instagram or a snarky tweet?
A sure-fire OMG!
[Dr. Harry]
Are you kidding me, ass, if you don’t run, you know where it’s gonna lead
You better move fast, call 911, or I’ll be underground six feet
And then you get down low
Listen, yeah, if you really want to succeed
Push hard and fast in the center of the chest
Two hands are really all you need!
And I said
Clear Clear, homie dropped down, so I best move quickly
Clear Clear, don’t get so caught up thinkin’ how his lips look icky
Clear Clear, first I’ll call for help or maybe ask a homie
Clear Clear, ditch the mouth to mouth, CPR can be hands only
Look out, mouth to mouth’s ridiculous in the club when the mouth’s vesiculous
And rowwwl your protocol’s all out of date
Blowin’ air down the pipe is so 2008!
So forget about that, Imma squeeze the chest
CPR hands only when your homie arrests!
Just gimme the rhythm and it’ll be 911 first
Circulate, defibrillate and this might be reversed
Well versed if you grab yourself an AED
Automate defibrillation cause it’s so easy to use
Just stick the pads on the chest, hit analyze and let the AED tell you the rest
It’ll test the rhythm, and if it sees the need
It’ll indicate to shock ’em like double speed
ZDogg and Dr. Harry, never leaves em dead
Resuscitate ’em in the street
Serve ’em breakfast in bed!
Clear Clear
Take heed, rewind the beat
It’s the pace of compressions for a homie in need
Jump back, rewind the track
Better push from your hips, don’t hurt your back!
Take heed, rewind the beat
It’s the pace of compressions for a homie in need
Push down, recoil it back
ZDogg and Dr. Harry make your ribs go *crack*