What happens when organized religion falls away but atheism feels like a long dark night of the nihilistic soul? 

Brittney Hartley has a Masters Degree in Theology with a focus on the future of American religion. She works as an atheist Spiritual Director at No Nonsense Spirituality after a 2 year program at the Center for Non Religious Spirituality. Britt is an ordained Sufi, plant medicine guide, nihilist recovery coach, author, religious scholar, philosopher, and Weezer lover who lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband and four children.

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Britt’s book – No Nonsense Spirituality: All the Tools No Belief Required

Topics & Timecodes:

00:00 Intro

05:36 Tools of Religion

10:45 The meaning crisis, nihilism

19:24 Finding & utilizing the BEST parts of science, religion & the occult

25:30 Facing death

35:42 Spiritual bypass, the feminine & masculine aspects of spirituality

54:34 What it means to truly experience being, grief

1:08:41 Losing everything and the subsequent growth

1:15:57 Parenting, developmental considerations for Gen Z & beyond

1:32:11 Spiritual perfectionism, recognizing YOUR spiritual ego

1:43:04 Finding inner peace amidst traumatic life events

1:51:48 Britt’s book

1:55:19 Closing remarks

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