When it comes to nutrition in humans, there is simply no one-size-fits-all solution. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve had a ton of Facebook friends try to sell you on watching “What The Health,” a “documentary” promoting a pure plant-based diet.

We were intrigued, because there’s a lot of evidence that plant-based diets can be a truly effective strategy for many people (see the work of actual scientists like Dr. Dean Ornish et. al). Also, I’m not a fan of torturing animals in factory farms, so minimizing the suffering of conscious creatures is certainly a positive by-product of a mostly-plant diet (see also the Netflix movie Okja).

Then we watched the documentary.

Thanks to our sacrifice, you can save yourself 1.5 hours of pure torture by watching our responses here!

This movie displays all the great characteristics of really bad thinking. Confusing causation with correlation in clinical trials? Check. Cherry picking data to support your view while ignoring data to the contrary (i.e., “confirmation bias)? Check. Relying on “experts” who are selling books and seminars but have nothing to do with real science, as evidenced by their fundamental misunderstand of basic physiology (carbs can’t make you fat? diabetes is caused by chicken consumption?) –> Chickity check.

Steve-O as a nutritional expert?? CHECK-MATE.

So vegans, relax. If a plant-based diet works for you, your lifestyle, your ethics, and your genetics, then mad luv to you and hella namaste bro.

But this movie is still a steaming piece of rotten meat.


And if you want to learn of the perils and pitfalls of interpreting nutrition research, check this video out.

Wanna see a little nuance in the deleted scenes? Check it:


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241 Responses to “A Real Doctor Watches “What The Health””

  1. Dike Drummond MD

    However, if you have been dealt a bad intellectual deck, nothing will reshuffle it.
    And you said “booby”
    “Steve O” ?

    NICE work ZDogg
    There is something pleasant about watching you watch stuff.
    Next time I want to watch you watch a Dr. Oz show … OK?

    Dike Drummond MD

  2. Selina Grissom

    Who are YOUR corporate sponsors?

    • Jeremy Stubley

      Its always funny, when ever someone with actual knowledge of health stuff tells the truth about health they instantly get accused of being paid to do so by the hard of thinkers.

    • Brett Forsythe

      It’s widely known now that the sugar industry has been paying off scientists for years to paint meat as a cancer causing villian, when in fact it is sugar causing all these health problems and most meat is actually very good for you. Especially the fat we’ve been told is bad.

      • Pam


  3. Kinoons

    I also watched the other video on YouTube. Am I the only one having MST3K flashbacks with zdogg as Joel, tom is tom servo, and Logan is crow?

  4. Bryce

    This movie comes out every few years. The last vegan-promoting one was called “Forks Over Knives” which, sadly, did not feature Steve-O so a reboot was clearly required. Katie Couric did a much better researched one a while back.

    This movie is for suburban moms and hipsters. Trouble is this sort of message doesn’t target the low information, low socioeconomic class folks where the obesity epidemic does the most damage and costs the most federal healthcare dollars. How do you message to them, ZDogg?

    • DiaMond

      Invest in organizations that promote healthy eating. Help organizations that bring fresh fruits and vegetables to urban food deserts. A lot of times people know that they are not eating a healthy diet but unhealthy foods are cheaper and more accessible. Offer to host cooking classes at community centers or a fitness group that service underprivileged communities.

      • ZDoggMD

        This was actually partially our approach at Turntable Health. Teaching kitchen, fitness studio, health coaches on site. Plant based diet was actually often a recommendation for many of our patients BTW! But in general, how to cook yourself quickly on a budget in a food desert…

    • Andrea

      You are obviously trying to impky people who don’t earn a living wage don’t read or watch educational programming. What a ridiculous assumption. There is no such thing as “low information folk.”

    • Courtney

      I’ve been having trouble for years with losing weight. I’ve tried all kinds of things, under the supervision of my dr. (Nothing crazy.) finally got to thinking it was maybe related to my birth control so I went to my obgyn to talk about that. She literally wrote me a prescription to watch forks over knives and send I’d lose all the weight. I noped up on outta there. Looking for a new obgyn

  5. Johanna NightHawk

    Dietary Cholesterol is not associated with CAD???? What kind of doctor are you. With people like you and surfer boy .. the general population has no hope. – ‘A Real Doctor’.

    • Steph

      Consider reading “Cholesterol Clarity” and you’ll actually know what he’s talking about.

      • Dingane Baruti MD

        @steph Many of us physicians already read Jimmy Moore’s “Cholesterol Clarity” when it was first published. Moore does not have even 1 minute of formal medical training and handpicked a few medically trained dissenters from the humongous body of published, double-blinded, randomized clinical trials proving that high dietary cholesterol DIRECTLY causes coronary artery disease.

        • Pacu

          “directly causes”, no, there aren’t any, because that wouldn’t be science. Now “directly correlates”, you might find a study that says that, but there’s actually a lot of contradictory studies, and I suspect you are unable to suss out the good ones from the bad.

          • Mary

            Pacu, “Taking into consideration the totality of the scientific evidence, satisfying rigorous criteria for causality, we conclude strongly that lowering intake of saturated fat and replacing it with unsaturated fats, especially polyunsaturated fats, will lower the incidence of CVD.” June 2017 American Heart Association Presidential Advisory Report. It’s a good review of the research if you’re interested. The science is about as compelling as science gets. http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/early/2017/06/15/CIR.0000000000000510

          • Pacu

            Methinks you confuse cholesterol and saturated fats. They are two chemically distinct things. There’s no trend in studies showing dietary cholesterol having detrimental effects on serum lipid values, that does exist for saturated fats and trans-unsaturates. This ignores the fact that saturates have little effect on LDL levels, that carbohydrates metabolism increases both trigs and LDL which strongly correlate with CVD.

          • Mary

            No, I am not confusing saturated fat with cholesterol, but foods containing cholesterol are the biggest source of saturated fats in most people’s diets, so there’s not zero correlation between changes in cholesterol intake and CVD. The contradictory studies re: cholesterol in the diet aren’t so contradictory after all. https://nutritionfacts.org/video/the-saturated-fat-studies-set-up-to-fail/

            SFAs have a bad effect on insulin sensitivity, which correlates with CVD as well. https://nutritionfacts.org/video/lipotoxicity-how-saturated-fat-raises-blood-sugar/

        • Firebird7478

          And doctors spend SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much time in college on nutrition. I manage my health by avoiding doctors like you.

        • Mark Bousquet

          Great example of the straw man argument. Try again, “doctor”. 😀

        • Ryan Lindsey

          Can you provide a few examples of double-blinded randomized clinical trials that *prove* that high dietary cholesterol directly causes CAD?

          I would like to read some of those studies.

        • Britt Semenow

          First rule of science – you cannot prove a hypothesis. You can only disprove a hypothesis, Dr…Unless you managed to control all participants diets exactly, etc etc, you can only show correlation (no matter how strong that correlation is – you can’t “prove” something like this).

        • Ryan Lindsey

          I would really like to hear about this humongous body of published studies that prove that dietary cholesterol directly causes CAD. Can you please provide at least one of these studies?

    • Mitchell Holland

      Dietary cholesterol has to influence on your blood cholesterol, your body can make its own cholesterol, when you reduce it in your diet your body just makes more to compensate for the loss, I think that was what he was refering to.

  6. Dingane Baruti MD

    As a Board Certified Family Medicine physician with 15 years of direct patient care in several countries, to include the US, I found the doctor in zdoggmd’s response video, stuck in condescension mode. He actively looked for every opportunity to arrogantly contradict other medical experts who publicly reveal their research sources and draw from their decades of clinical experience.

    This zdoggmd doctor cackled and joked like a locker room teenager peering into the girls locker room through a hole in the wall. He starts munching on a strip of beef jerky to marginalize the documentary, much like an ignorant prankster. Throughout my career I have met many arrogant doctors like him with their God complexes. He does a disservice to any serious patient looking for long term ways to reverse chronic disease.

    My advice to the public is to ignore this idiotic doctor and read the numerous population-based health studies that show that 85% of the US healthcare costs are caused by poor diet, lack of exercise and unmanaged stress. In the name of self-serving arrogance, this doctor introduces doubt in the public psyche where there should be no doubt. He muddies the healthcare picture. He actually says that “dietary cholesterol does not cause heart disease.” WTF! Any high school dropout can read the thousands of clinical trials that prove the high DIETARY and hepatic (liver generated) cholesterol DIRECTLY causes cardiovascular disease. He insinuates that obesity does not cause diabetes. Again… WTF!

    These are the verifiable FACTS! The cost of 1 single cardiac bypass surgery is between $70,000.00 and $200,000.00. Even with the best health insurance plan, nobody ever pays enough premiums to cover even 1 bypass surgery. So we Americans eat ourselves into obesity and heart disease then expect for someone else to pay for lifesaving surgery.

    The meat-heavy, refined sugar-laiden American diet KILLS! I know that it will be nearly impossible for us to change our lifetime of poor eating hsbits, but as much as possible, WE must stop eating dead animals and start eating more whole plants. We must start drinking mostly water, the food and soft drink manufacturers’ profits be damned. We must begin exercising regularly.

    But most of all, ignore idiot doctors with God complexes. These idiot doctors are trained to unknowingly enrich the pharmaceutical industry by prescribing expensive pills that we must take every day of our shortened lives. These idiot doctors us to keep cramming fried, dead animals into our oversized bellies while we repeatedly pay THEM to have ineffective wellness appointments at their clinics. Utterly disgusting!

    Dingane Baruti MD

    • Laura

      Sorry, but I disagree 100%, and my doctor told me my keto diet is working for me. I’ve lost 26 pounds in 2 1/2 months, am no longer pre-diabetic, TSH levels were low, so synthroid was reduced, and I’m feeling more energetic than I have in over 20 years. Tell me again how bad my diet is for me. Stick to medicine, where you were trained, not nutrition.

    • Donna kading

      Thank you sir

    • Bill

      I’m not a dr. nor in the health field.i tried a vegan diet for a year. every 2 weeks had blood work checked. it raised my estrogen levels and lower my testosterone. I also went into a depression. now I eat meat. nothing else. vitamin levels are good my hormone levels are good. my mind is much sharper.

      from a look at my own out come I have come to the conclusion that meat is important in the diet. and genetically our mouths and body are designed to eat cooked meat.

    • Zaida Colon

      Everything your saying is so true. Food and pharmaceutical are killing us.
      With all the pesticide, they said in United States they don’t used it but a lot of our vegetables come from other country’s where they are a loud to used them. Si there is the catch. Then pharmaceutical follow what the food industry does to us, All they care is how to make the money and becoming rich by killing humans.
      Know what do you think about vitamins

  7. Donhaleus

    Why is zdogg wearing a stethoscope while watching a movie? Probably so he can keep up his persona and keep selling videos. “Don’t forget to like my videos and subscribe to my channel!” Opinions are like assholes. Zdogg and the surfer guy In the movie should go out on a date and compare notes about how to skew content to their own bias.

  8. Brett Forsythe

    Im 18m in. I was scared to death in the beginning that I would die a horrible death in 5 yeas.. And then as it kept going on, and they had this guy saying there was no correlation between sugar and diabetes… I lost it. I came here. I read the part about save yourself 1.5 hours. Thank fucking you for confirming this.

      • Joe Mama

        No, don’t. He’s an idiot.

    • Bmwendo

      Yes the cause of disease diabetes is not sugar. It will make you sleepy only because you are insulin resistant. What causes that ? It’s the fat

      • Cappy Odinsen

        Hell, if sugar caused diabetes, I’d be diabetic. Instead, I eat a plant-based diet loaded with sugars and I am in the best health of my life. When I was 250 pounds and in the poorest health of my life, it was because I listened to ignorant doctors who told me I needed more protein.

    • Bmwendo

      Really wish the article included this response. Most ppl that watch the zdog vid will leave thinking vegan docs are quacks

      • mee

        and exactly that they are ..there is NO pure vegan community alive today.. NONE … this tells us actually all we need to know..

        • Robert

          There are lots of us pure vegans and more every day. Some have been vegan for decades. With me it is only 3 years as a Whole Food vegan. I am super healthy. But you can be vegan and very unhealthy if you eat processed foods and drink pop.

          • mee

            I have NEVER met healthy multiple-decades-vegan.. NEVER.. all had to start eat meat in order to not became very sick ( or cure their sickness or usually at least to save their lives..)

          • Robert

            I have a family friend who is in her late 80s. She has been a vegan for at least 25 years. She is currently travelling in the middle east. Her mind is sharp and she is healthy. The oldest vegan athlete I know of is Carl Lewis. I actually saw him in Houston about 2 years ago, he looked great. He became vegan in 1990 so that means he has been vegan 27 years. I think you should do some more research.

          • mee

            and ? your point ? …do you know ANYONE born to vegans and vegan WHOLE LIFE ??

          • Seve

            Oh fuck off. You keep adding qualifications you arbitrarily deem necessary for a vegan community to exist (must be vegan for multiple decades, must have grown up vegan, must have never tried meat in their lifetime, must be a third generation vegan). You sound like the type of person to serve meat to a vegan and tell them afterwards just so you can claim they’re no longer vegan. Really, it doesn’t affect you, unlike high cholesterol and plaque-ridden arteries. If B12 supplements are the obstacle to transition to a vegan diet, your morals need to be revised. There is NOTHING in meat necessary to heal one of your poor, sick, imaginary vegan friends that you can’t find from plant-, algae-, or bacteria-based sources. Guess you think everyone needs their B12 with a healthy dose of cholesterol and trans-fats.

          • mee

            the qualification is still the same .. as I stated in first comment: “do you know ANY purely vegan culture that is alive today?” .. there is NONE, as all long-time vegans just die-off…yes, you can survive some decades, but your offspring will be degenerated (in best cases – if they are even born) and further generations will NOT exist..

          • Heather Godbee

            This is a really sad attempt at scaring people with your pure stupidity. We can all tell your lack of education just from the way you write your replies; just like an angry Gothic tween girl on MySpace. “Vegan cultures” don’t exist because that is not solely how we evolved. Generations after generations have just learned from each other that living on animal products is good for us. It is up to our generations now, and the next few to come, to create those “vegan cultures.” Again, just because it doesn’t exist in your world, doesn’t mean it never has or never will. How do you sleep at night being this stupid?

          • mee

            hard to argue with such dense individuals like you vegans usually are.. TRY to learn some real subjects, don’t rely on your faith only.. facts don’t care about your feelings honey…. this is biology 101 … and that actually answers all your childish questions… I have no magic pill for your stupidity though..

            still, I sincerely hope your children will not suffer from your idiocy..

          • mee

            don’t put words in my mouth ( this is very well known vegan obfuscation tactic).. trans-fats are BAD, we all know that ! (saturated fats are different story)..as for cholesterol, that is good – there are studies confirming this in old people.. (even your body creates it’s own as it needs it for cell repairs).. B12 is necessary for your survival.. that is just fact … if you need to supplement your vegan idiocy in any format, this means it’s not meant to be … Nature is VERY cost-effective if nothing else… if you would eat just animals (no plants at all) you would survive and PROCREATE just fine .. that is basically all you need to know/understand..

          • Peggy Merriman

            Actually it is not just vegans that should take B12 supplements. We used to be able to get it from plants before the soil became depleted. Also the reason we get B12 from animal products is because the animals are supplemented. Over half of all vitamin b manufactured goes to the farmed animals.

          • mee

            well, that’s not really relevant (supplementation of cows)… generally Ruminants are able to “grow” B12 for themselves and this is valid for non-supplemented animals as well 😉
            Humans are NOT able to do the same… as they are “completely different animal” ..

          • Tracy Williams

            Give it up. Every time someone answers your question you come up with a new criteria. You don’t want to be vegan. We get it.

          • mee

            my original question still stands.. you are just attempting to excuse your incompetence to answer it.. as we ALL new from beginning…
            There is no all-life-100% vegan ADULT alive today.

          • Tracy Williams

            The word is “knew”…”as we all knew”. Too bad you didn’t know that. Seems like you’re the only incompetent one here.

          • mee

            honey I speak 4 languages, English is not my primary ( not even secondary) language; and yes, even I do make some mistakes from time-to-time.. how about you.. ?

          • Heather Godbee

            Being born into a vegan family is something that is very new to our society. I actually have two close friends who have been vegan for years and both just had their first children, of which are being raised on a fully RAW vegan diet. Meaning, solely vegetable based, nothing processed, not even tofu. I myself plan to have children in a few years who will also be born into a vegan diet. Just because you have never met someone who was born into a vegan diet, does not mean they do not exist. You are not basing your replies off of any evidence other than your own supposed experience, not to mention your ignorance and lack of study. It just goes to show how truly naive you actually are, and to think you actually have the means to post a reply to argue against the vegan diet at all, is quite pathetic. It’s going to take generations before it is common to be born into a vegan family, just like it did to be born into a gay family of two fathers or two mothers. It’s not something that happens over night, but it is something that will happen over time, no matter how much you choose to deny it just for the sake of denying it.

          • mee

            that sounds mildly interesting.. are the children still alive and well ? How old are they? Any developmental issues already ? How they excuse lack of mental abilities ? Do they have some kind of blog to post their progress ? Do they supplement ? Do they lie or just obfuscate about supplementation ?

            well.. two men can’t father a child … sorry to burst your SJW bubble.. not possible ..nichts, nada (2 women can at least pretend the anonymous father from some drunken nights months ago is willing participant in this sociological experiment) .. again biology 101

          • JEEZUS

            It’s factual you’ll be healthier on a plant based diet. Leaner, more alert, more energy, organs will be more efficient, sharper mind, better eye sight, healthier heart, better skin, safer bowl movement due to better digestion, increase in sexual functionality…do I need to keep going? Since you know…you keep throwing science around. Those are all FACTS. Not opinion.

          • mee

            facts ? :))) who said that ? show me the studies ? All you listed is purely subjective ( so far) .. leaner , more efficient ? Compared to what/who ? ..hardly more efficient, as living of plants is VERY inefficient way of survival.. you have to eat and digest all the time.. check out Panda-failed survival tactic 😉

          • Shane

            its funny you say that, i experienced all that by limiting my carbohydrates to a max of 150 grams from only vegetables sources and zero grains, 40-50 grams of animal protein and 140-150 grams of fat of any source (about 50% from C8 oil).

          • Christina Munoz

            What’s your interpretation of “looking great”?

            Sounds like it’s all relative

          • Nathaniel Perry II

            I can give you people who have lived longer than that eating meat and smoking cigars.

          • Mike D

            This surgeon is 50+ years vegan. I know quite a few people who have been vegan for 20+ years. I know some 20+ year-old college kids whose vegan parents raised them as vegans (yes, without junk food). Maybe you should go to some vegan meetups before judging an entire group of people based on what you personally have never seen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX58PyQwrcI

          • mee

            well, even this man was not vegan his whole life.. the point is : there is NO community where there are 3 generations of vegans NONE .. as we need animal products to proper development… and yes, some people can live more than others on vegan diet… if you don’t understand statistics and concentrate on exception (like this one), you have to be stupid.. this is no discussion about exceptions… and I bet this guy takes AT LEAST B12 supplements..

          • Freethinker

            The point is every time you post, your posts are rebutted with evidence so you keep shifting the goalposts. You have your little belief, but don’t fool yourself into thinking it is evidence based.

          • JEEZUS

            You’ve never met someone who NEEDED meat to save their lives, stfu

          • mee

            quite the opposite.. history is full of failing (mostly forced) attempts to survive on plants.. some individuals even ended up as cannibals 😀

            If you truly don’t supplement on plant based diet for some decades, we can discuss this.. but if you do (like all vegans) … you are just an hypocrite ! you should STFU!

            And don’t show me some “miracle guy” who does.. they first have to prove it ! …which will never happen.. like the breatharians 😀

          • PABLO

            Well after eating plant based for quite some time and learning about mental health it all came together for me as that meat eaters are somewhat psychotic. Its been proven multiple times with multiple studies and with multiple people that us humans have absolutely no need for animal consumption to live and thrive. Its also been proven that most serial killers start off with killing animals before they move on to humans. Now most people buy their meats frozen at the supermarket and would never in their life be able to raise, kill and eat any animal and those that do have mental issues and anger problems. Trust me I am no pussy, I will stomp you the fuck out BUT only if I have to. Otherwise we talk it out like humans. Most vegans or vegetarians I know are very level headed, people of peace and tranquility and that all started coming about after consuming plant based and I think once you start caring about your health many other things come into place. You smile more, you feel better about yourself, you also start swaying away from bad habbits. You show more love and have more sympathy for things and other beings, (remember I will still put my fist through anyones face if needed) in conclusion be more like the people who follow Buddhist ways. You shouldn’t harm yourself or any living being, you shouldn’t steal, shouldnt intoxicate yourself and dont fuck other peoples spouses SIMPLE.

          • Krishna M. Sadasivam

            Apparently, you don’t have any Indian friends – because the vast majority of Indians are vegetarians.

          • mee

            here we go again… vegetarian – that’s NOT VEGAN you lying SOB ! ..this is how you always try to push extremist vegan indoctrination through.. NO ! do NOT mix vegans with vegetarians… from nutrition POI, vegetarian is MUCH CLOSER to regular meat eater than to vegan. Even ruminants (if they can) are eating some meat ( like apes do) .. same for vegetarians… animal products are protecting them from serious nutrition deficiencies..
            Do you need a dictionary ?

          • mee

            yepp possibly ..my brain is working much better

          • mee

            that’s not hate.. I just detest liars like you

          • Krishna M. Sadasivam

            I’m not lying. You stated that meat is a necessary part of the diet in order to survive. That’s completely false. I was merely addressing that comment. You had to make it personal. Go outside and take a walk. It will do you good.

          • mee

            we are talking about animal products and nutrients from them (and yes, without them long-term you wither and die)… any intelligent person understands this.. if you are not liar, you must be stupid.. good for your simple life

          • Blah Blah Blah

            Every vegan I have ever met was either emaciated or healthy but used supplements…which is kind of like eating a steak. If a vegan diet did the job, then supplements would not be needed.

            Where am I wrong? (No, really. I am asking. I have no aversion to any valid nutritional slant. As for enlightenment, keep it, but not eating meat might have good effects if it works.)

          • Steve

            Mee, I am puzzled by your logic. You say if a diet has to be supplemented then it is not a valid diet and it is flawed. So what puzzles me is what do you say to non-vegans that take a daily multivitamin? This is a supplement just the same as any supplements that vegans take.

        • EP_2012

          What’s your definition of “vegan community”? Not every vegan lives in a single country or city. Collectively, vegans are in better health than the rest of the world’s population and the closer to pure vegan a group of people get, the healthier they are (i.e. see people living in “Blue Zones”).

          • mee

            …”healthier” is VERY subjective term… if you don’t have clear science on your side , you need to prove it empirically – you need to live MULTIPLE GENERATIONS pure vegan ( no community has done that AFAIK) .. you could have done that by now – as veganism is older than 40 years.. your “blue zones” have one of the longevity precursors “empowered women” !? common .. give me a break .. this “concept” is just 10 years old.. this is just someones BS used as a replacement for hard”evidence”..as usual in vegan circles.. ad even here they supposedly mostly practice “semi-vegetarianism” .. this is NOT vegan ( non-animal source)..

          • EP_2012

            The science is on my side, which is why nearly every dietetics association will say that appropriately planned vegan diets can be healthier than other diets.

            Multiple generation studies will come I time. Will you still be alive to see them? Unless you can identify some fatal flaw that would show up past a few generations, why not reap the benefits we know of today?

            Blue Zone populations share many similarities. I’m sorry that you feel the need to dismiss those commonalities, but diet is a common link.

            Even in similar communities, like the Seventh Day Adventist, you’ll see the vegan segments doing far better than the omni counterpart. The evidence is there if you’d stop being so closed minded.

          • mee

            you don’t have any evidence ..not really (no physician will allow you feed your child only plants – without supplements).. human history is long enough to prove my point.. I do not see your promised “studies will come in time”.. to be any more factual than any other obfuscation vegans like to use… I’ve been hearing that from vegans for more than 20 years now.. still it’s just empty promise for fools..
            Actually In my family, there are 100 year old people.. no vegans though 😉

            I will see your results (if there ever will be any study).. unfortunately ( for vegans) it will be most certainly ugly..

    • Josh Meckel

      Garth Davis is incredible. He has done so much to help change the course of our health epidemic over the past decade.

      • disqustang

        Garth Davis was one of the actors in the film. Of course he starts out with ad hominem attacks on Zdogg.

        You are right: he IS incredible, literally.

      • anarchic teapot

        “health epidemic”…

        You mean he makes people sick? Fair enough, but a strange thing to celebrate.

    • jervan

      Seems smart (he made sure to point that out multiple times); however, he is missing the point… ‘What the Health’ was pure vegan agenda. While there could have been real discussion brought forward about corporate agriculture, those involved in the film decided it was better to shove vegetable based half-truths down our throats. Was Z-Dogg’s video ridiculous and semi-unprofessional? Yup. But despite Dr. Davis’ attempts to discredit him through strawman-like statements, there was a lot of truth and reality about our current state of nutrition in our country throughout the 11-plus minutes of discrediting entertainment. And all of Z-Dogg, MD’s statements in relation to the science of nutrition (biochemistry and physiology), were true. Period. With that stated, and as was pointed out in the video, diet is a very individual thing. No one diet is the answer. Anyone who claims that is lying to himself and everyone else. It’s very clear what we shouldn’t eat (sugar, saturated fats), but what we should eat, or at least how much of it, is a bit harder to pin down. And that is because it varies. Yes, there are many fantastic diets that contain a high amount of HEALTHY carbs… but they also contain animal products. Dr. Davis conveniently forgets to mention that, by the way. My point is not to point out the flaws in Dr. Davis’ arguments though; rather, it’s to point out that we are arguing about the wrong things. If you want to be vegan and it works for you, go veggie crazy! If you love you some burgers (grass-fed, hopefully), don’t forget the cheese! Eat what makes you feel good… physically, mentally, and ethically. That’s what ‘WtH’ should have been about… the ethical consumption of healthy food. Instead it was vegan doctrine in the guise of agricultural activism. And that’s just sad. Now, I need to go to bed, because Dr. Davis isn’t the only one who takes care of patients.

      • Joe Zangief

        Some people just want to avoid animal cruelty at all costs. I love(d) burgers but I put my love for animals above that.

        Funny how defensive meat eaters get. Don’t worry, my family does this too.

        • Britt Semenow

          I don’t think most meat eaters are getting defensive about putting a love for animals above your desire for meat. What we get defensive about is presenting incomplete and bad science to make your point. If the documentary were only about how we should be treating animals better by not eating them, that would be one thing (and then it would be silly for a meat eater to get defensive). However, this documentary goes beyond that into making claims that don’t necessarily hold up.

          • Joe Zangief

            Maybe what I meant to say is “meat eaters will do anything to retain their current eating habits, even when there’s evidence that it’s detrimental to health”

            “Claims that don’t necessarily hold up”

            You’re trying everything you can to deny the facts. Facts. Not speculation.

          • Nathaniel Perry II

            I really don’t care. People have been eating meat for thousands upon thousands of years. Don’t push eating just vegetables on me. Everything is detrimental to our health.

          • americanwhitewoman

            People have not been eating meat every single day for thousands of years. Crowded, tortured animals at that. They hunted and burned many more calories.

          • Tom Dillon

            A documentary called “The Human Diet” discusses the paleo diet which supports what you’re saying about about meat being a natural part of what human’s eat.
            The Cliff Notes version is that it focuses on vegetables, meats, nuts, and fruits while avoiding carbohydrates, dairy, and processed foods.
            There was no way I was going to give up meat so this worked really well for me and I have seen very good health benefits while following the guidelines.
            Vegan and paleo advocates actually have much more in common then either side cares to admit. They both advocate for a higher consumption of vegetables and non-processed foods. Where they primarily differ is that paleo advocates feel that meat is a necessary part of their diet while vegans feel carbs are a necessary part of theirs.
            My observations are that those I know who eat more of a paleo diet are generally a bit more athletic looking than people I know who are more vegan who can tend to look a bit leaner than I would prefer to. Kind of like a shortstop vs a marathon runner.
            Both are better off than the varying degrees of obesity that I see from many more people who have no dietary plan at all.
            I’m sure a vegan advocate will be more than glad to add specifics to their diet. I’m just offering my casual observations. Really depends on what works for you.

          • Robert Hughes

            Many people I have talked to agree. People who have followed a vegan diet for an extended period of time usually start to look a little sickly and a little frail, and weaker than they used to look.

          • Kevin Goetz

            Living in a huge city like NYC or LA, sitting at a desk with a computer, riding in cars, is soo “paleo”..
            The “more athletic ” looking types..muscular, ,like football players, wrestlers seem to die at a fairly young age on average, like by 50-55 or so, in my observations

          • Ashish Singh

            So true. Processed meat is bad. We are anatomically similar to our cave dwelling foraging ancestors whose diet mostly consisted of kills and berries. So, when the hell did processed sugar became completely fine. Up until the 19th century, there were no epidemic related to lifestyle as there were no processed anything !

          • Kevin Goetz

            Yes, and most died by age 35-40 until several generations ago, now people live longer, many the last 10-15 years in nursing homes
            They didn’t eat feedlot raised animals injected with hormones and antibiotics, and probably not meat every day, occasionally

          • nesterhaus

            Now folks can consume mustard gas on their hotdogs and intake a nice double whammy of proven carcinogens:)

          • disqus_6FQZuhJ7nZ

            and whats your science background? All the studies mentioned by the speakers in the video are from peer reviewed top medical journals. Which claims don’t hold up? Please cite evidence

          • disqus_6FQZuhJ7nZ

            The pcrm page and info cites actual medical references. Im not vegan btw just a dr.

          • Jo

            What is pcrm page? Thank you

          • Lynn Eury Capps

            Physicians committee for responsible medicine.

          • LoveCoates

            And what’s your background in science? Which particular studies mentioned are peer reviewed? Please specifically cite your evidence.

            What the health claims that are either false, cherry-picked, or only partially true
            1. Sugar doesn’t cause diabetes (blatantly false, multiple peer-reviewed studies show excess and refined sugar definitely contribute to Type 2 diabetes)
            2. Processed meats are as bad as smoking according to WHO (false, WHO only states that there is enough evidence linking processed meats to cancer as there is linking smoking to cancer, does not say content or nature of links is the same)
            3. Processed meats increases cancer risk 18% (half-true, study actually found eating processed meats DAILY increases lifetime cancer risk from 5-6%)
            4. Eating any meat even in moderation is bad (false, unsupported by any study which in fact show that even occasional processed meat has no effect, let alone unprocessed meat)
            5. One egg is as deadly as five cigarettes (there is zero data suggesting egg whites are dangerous, and the cholesterol in one egg is not equal to the dangerous additives, chemicals, and carcinogens in half a pack of cigarettes)
            6. Milk causes cancer (one study is not enough to negate the peer-reviewed studies from all over the world saying there is no link)
            7. One daily serving of processed meat increases diabetes risk by 51% (cherry-picked half-truth, yes, eating processed meat daily is unhealthy, but why lie about the numbers? The studies show 32% diabetes risk for men and 38% women’s risk rises only about 6 percentage points, which is not a 51% increase)
            8. All fish is toxic (totally false and not backed by any science)
            9. 90% of cancer risk is caused by food (false, there are tons of non-food related lifestyle choices linked to cancer)

            I could go on, but you can make an honest, thorough, fair documentary that argues
            – Americans should not be eating processed meats daily
            – Americans do not eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables
            – Factory farming is immoral and unhealthy
            – Americans should be skeptical of nutrition guidelines

            Without resorting to half-truths, extreme logical fallacies, cherry-picked studies, and lies. This documentary is irresponsible in that regard.


          • Ashish Singh

            I totally concur. I stopped watching when the paid quack said “refined sugar is totally harmless.” It sounds like vegan agenda and sugar association’s propaganda.

          • JohnnyooBravo

            Hey you mean I have to stop eating my dozen donuts for breakfast? At that point in the movie I had to Stop a d check what category the movie was listed under. I thought it was like the movie “idiocracy”. A great movie to watch after this crap. Funny as hell. But it takes time to get it.

          • Tracy Williams

            Man. I was really hoping she had some evidence to share. Bummer.

          • JEEZUS

            What claims didn’t hold up? And the part in he doc where it explained how the process we use to eat meat is destroying entire areas where animals live, corrupting the water and contaminating the food…that wasn’t enough for you to be like “yeah maybe they gotta point” you really as a full grown adult need a fckn seminar to get it? Lol…smh

      • Nicole Wolgamott

        Totally disagree with you. I don’t see how eating a plant based diet is vegan propaganda. Where is the big corporation behind that? And you cannot ethically eat even grass fed meat or organic dairy because it’s no different in treatment of animals or how healthy the product is. There are few to no risks in eating a plant based diet unlike an animal based diet. So I will always strive to eat foods that have the lowest risks out there.

        • Jilly Gardner

          Except many forget, that without Ruminants grazing and fertlising the soil, precious plants couldn’t be grown and the fields would end up with desertification.

          • Benjamin Bigarré

            What about green fertilizers?(aka crops only meant to fertilize the soil in between other crops?) You can check conservation agriculture on the FAO website for more information.

          • Mike D

            That is not true. Wildlife or domesticated animals can do their bit as long as they keep moving across the land and don’t stay too long, but that almost never happens in animal agriculture, so farmers apply commercial fertilizers to fields. An alternative method is to use plant materials (composted plants, leaves, paper), plant cover crops between production crops, use low or no till methods to prevent soil erosion, and employ other methods that build the soil. Horse manure also works great as fertilizer. By the way, something like 90+ percent of all meat animals do not get to live outside, so they are not grazing anything. It is always interesting to compare the incredibly small percentage of pasture raised, free range animals that actually exist on farms against the number of people who say they only eat the pasture raised meat.

          • Tyffany Ritchie

            90% you say? I call b.s.

          • Alexandra Soar

            Based on what?

          • Mike D

            “Factory farming now accounts for more than 99 percent of all farmed animals raised and slaughtered in the United States.3 (Virtually all seafood comes to us by way of industrial fishing or factory fish farms.)4” Sources in the footnotes. Try Google. There are a number of references. My 90 percent number seems to be low. https://farmforward.com/ending-factory-farming/

          • Jason

            Animals (wild or domesticated) don’t really fertilize the soil they are on. They consume nutrients from the plants they eat, use some of the nutrients and then return the unused nutrients back to the soil via manure & urine. However, that’s a net negative system. Yes… animals could eat plants from one spot & deposit them in another spot, adding nutrients to the deposited spot. But they’re really just redistributing. Manure fertilizer is simply taking the nutrients from one piece of ground, running them through an animal & redistributing them on another piece of ground.

            Plant materials have exactly the same issue. The nutrients in those plants came from soil somewhere. Certainly, cover crops and no-till are good agronomic practices, but really impact top soil conservation more than they add nutrients. Some plants can pull nitrogen from the air to deposit in the soil, but that’s fairly limited and only 1 of many essential nutrients.

            Generally speaking, due to the conservation of matter, it’s difficult to avoid the need for some additional fertilizer to replace what is removed from the harvested crop. Even organic agriculture, which primarily relies on animal manures for nitrogen, is reliant on commercial fertilizers. The nitrogen in the manure came from the feed that the animal ate. And the nitrogen in the feed that the animal ate almost certainly came from commercial fertilizers.

        • James Fox

          That’s a great decision you’ve made for yourself, but you’re misunderstanding what propaganda is. It’s information of a biased nature that promotes a specific political cause or point of view. Nobody has to be making money off of it. You eating a plant based diet also isn’t propaganda, it’s you eating a diet. Propaganda is the movie that’s pushing a one size fits all diet solution to the forefront that is going to cause people a lot of problems.

          Here’s one example, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2885952/ . What that study shows is not separating red meat from processed meats is actually bad science. Processed meat, like bacon and hot dogs, is certainly pretty bad for you, and I don’t think many people would disagree, but red meat doesn’t have the same correlation to diabetes as that processed meat. This is a really important distinction when we’re talking about dietary facts, but vegan documentaries never go into anything like this. What they do is handwave all meat as the same and say “just eat a plant based diet!” like it will solve everyone’s problems, and that’s just flat out not true. Vegans want a simple answer because simple answers are great, but when it comes to nutrition there just isn’t one.

          • Freethinker

            By that standard, you could say that people discouraging racism are spreading propaganda.

          • Richard Geib

            This is true! There are different forms of propaganda. Propaganda can also be used for constructive and positive agendas just like the negative. It just depends on which side you want to support.

          • JEEZUS

            It I simple because the documentary showed the meat from beginning to end(process) follow the bouncing ball. Nothing filled bacteria etc etc from the jump and make it to your plate completely hands free of said bacterias etc etc…common sense

          • Christina Munoz

            ::High five::

          • Kevin Goetz

            Well apparently most people don’t believe the movie anyway, so no worries

        • LoveCoates

          There are lots of health food corporations behind food propaganda actually, and every medical professional in the documentary also profits from selling books or products related to veganism. They are not without their own profit motives, if profit motive is an issue for you. Just sayin.

        • Nathaniel Perry II

          That is good for you. I will strive to eat both.

      • Petronila Tavares-Rasch

        Why it is so HARD, even at presence of all the scientific evidence we now have, to simply say: EAT LESS MEAT (whatever your diet)? Who cares whether the ‘What the Health’ is ‘pure’ vegan agenda… What is in question here, is whether the claims about meat are true. Why is it so hard to say the M word? Why deviate the discussion to healthy carbs? We have countless studies and personal experiences that tells us that we should be consuming less meat. So, c’mon, people, we know better. Let’s be honest and say that the reason people consume things they know may harm them, like cigarettes, is because they LOVE it.

        • Heather Godbee

          Or you could just not eat any meat…

          • LoveCoates

            Or evangelical vegas could stop promoting the lies that…
            1. Not eating any meat is magic
            2. Not eating any meat is healthy for 100% of individuals regardless of their personal genetic and physiological needs
            …and start not ignoring the nuances of science to confirm their own biases.

          • nesterhaus

            It is magic not eating dead animals I would ask anyone who thinks otherwise have you tried it for two weeks and felt it for yourself?

          • Kevin Goetz

            You aren’t going to get “nuances ” in a 1.5 hour movie, should it be 35 hours, so no one will ever watch it?
            Look, eat whatever you want, smoke cigs, take heroin, it’s your life, IDGAF

          • Nathaniel Perry II

            I like hamburger, steak, and so many other things. Lol the human race can consume meat especially if you kill and make it yourself.

          • JohnnyooBravo

            Don’t listen to these people who are now smarter from this stupid movie. Every type of food has problems. Yes more free range meat and chicken, more wild caught fish and organic veggies and fruit. I eat more bugers, chicken and fish then all other food in any group. The easy way for good health is to eat less or the foods that have ingredients you don’t know. Want much better health stop eating the foods with stuff you don’t know.

          • Kevin Goetz

            You know everything that’s I th burgers and chicken? Unless you raised it all yourself, I doubt it, list of growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics used? Many in feed, too

        • Christina Munoz

          Okay but where is the counter evidence about carcinogenic pesticides on plants, and the effects on the human? What the research truly supports is

          A: carcinogens come on many forms and are bad to humans in any form.

          B: eat according to your genetic makeup

          The truth is to eat what is good for you… and one size does not fit all but ingesting chemicals is not good.

          • infinity

            eat according to your genetic makeup

            Where is the science for that? Any studies? Is that even an accepted concept among doctors and dieticians?

            Would like any references.

          • Jennifer Leavitt

            I did a graduate paper on nutrigenetics. Your genetics do play some role in which foods your body can best utilize for nutrients and which it responds badly too, but it’s an area still in its infancy. And it’s more about specific genes than “type.”

          • Kevin Goetz

            Oh God so we need DNA testing before we eat anything? Then a detailed list of foods to eat/avoid? Sounds sort of Germany 1930s.

          • Kevin Goetz

            B. What? Does each person have different , unique genetic make-up?
            Am I supposed to believe that 99.5% of my genetic makeup isn’t identical with all other humans?
            Is your theory based on races or..?

          • Kevin Goetz

            Everything we can possibly eat is a chemical, some are naturally occurring

        • Negra Zalaznick

          I agree with you what the health really had no financial gain as the drs and pharmaceutical companies have . If you eat right you will use them less. We can take heed to (What the healths )beneficial statements or not it’s up to the individual . These days everything we eat and everything we use in our daily lives triggers cancer, diabetes and hypertension so I say WHAT THE HELL!!

      • MattMSantos

        Educate yourselves. Links in description.

      • JEEZUS

        He US is primarily over weight and under achieved physically. Let’s start there before you jump on this guys band wagon just because he didn’t like that the narrative seemed pro vegan- he might not like the way it was edited but it wasn’t untruthful.

        • Carson grey

          I was fairly turned off when I heard the ludicrous claims about sugar. To me, this is like the climate change argument. 99% say Yes, 1% say no. To me, the most convincing argument of the type of diet we should be eating came from the evaluation of the digestive tract. That means, we should mostly be eating plants ( I don’t think there’s any debate over that ). I don’t think eating meat and fish is evil, it just needs to be a supplement as opposed to the primary source.

      • Nils-Otto Jaasko

        And how is the meat/animal industry ethical? It’s bizarre to witness people ignore the facts proven by research (whether or not they’re randomized controlled trials which are nearly impossible to conduct for dietary research) stating that the plant-based diet is the superior diet for our species. But then again, most of those people are the individuals who don’t possess the background and training to make educated decisions. What do you call a doctor at the bottom of the medical class of the worst university in the world? Yeah, a doctor.

      • Kelly Barrett

        Jervin – who are you and what are your credentials again? I missed that.

      • Kevin Goetz

        Maybe a counterpoint because there’s alreary tons of pro- meat propaganda
        Shoul we discuss moderate, non-damaging use of cigarettes, heroin, and cocaine, as well?
        You cannot deny that SOME heroin and cocaine users can function, though a majority go down-hill.

    • Joe Mama

      LOL, the same guy spouting bullshit in What the Health? Nope.

    • common_sense_tom

      If this guys is a doctor, why does he spend 99% of his time building himself up as an expert and trying to take down Dr ZDogg? If you were a GOOD doctor you would talk about the evidence, the statements that were made, and which statements you found reasonable and unreasonable based on the evidence. Dr. Davis might have a medical degree, but doesn’t mean he can think critically worth a shit!

    • NTcurr

      I concur. Most of these comments are probably from those who haven’t watched it. Going by one doctors view is naive. Do your own research, decide for yourself. Doctors aren’t always right. Fyi, this documentary has little to do with animal cruelty. A little snippet about zdoggmd, he is sponsored by liquid agents healthcare who sponsors Ronald mcdonald house, who is an affiliate of…..McDonald’s.

      • Shane

        the message is “there is no one size fits all” and to demonize animal products as the route cause without analyzing the other items in an affected persons diet is obtuse and naive.

        i’m for dropping bovine dairy, except pasture raised pasture raised artisan cheeses as a food compliment, but thats my opinion. the bovine you see today exists nowhere in the wild and their ancestors have been extinct for more than 375 years.

        believe whatever you want and eat whatever you feel is best. I support your views as long as youre not pandering them as 100% fact. all side have studies that support their claim and none of them are 100%.

        ill leave you with a fun fact, humans can survive their entire lives without injesting a single carbohydrate.

    • Lori Sims Brooks

      Doctors can argue for or against this documentary. The bottom line is always the same. Americans are overweight and sick BECAUSE of food. They eat too much, and probably too much processed foods. We all know processed food is bad. This particular guy contradicts himself over and over again. THIS DOCTOR JUST SAID “OFTENLY.” THAT’S NOT A WORD. UGH, he just lost credibility!

      • Freethinker

        All words are made up words. Saying that a word is “not a word” is nonsense.

    • woot696

      Uh huh. “I wrote a book”. So we’re supposed to believe him? He’s just another doc pushing something to make money. Can’t make money if someone is pointing out your errors, so he’s trying his best to discredit anyone who does so.

    • Meph

      I was told by doctors that I can’t be vegan or even just vegetarian because I’m someone who REQUIRES meat. And no doctor has ever said I shouldn’t eat meat. They’ve only said “everything in moderation” and that if I continued to have issues, we would see what worked for me.

      IF you make blanket statements, such as the kinds THIS DOCTOR made during What The Health?, you are not practicing good health management skill. You’re not being a GOOD DOCTOR to make a blanket statement on this.

  9. Pelo

    At the end of the day, we aren’t meant to eat meat anyway. We just forced it upon ourselves. Our body isn’t even built to truly handle it, neither do we even have the proper teeth to chew it.

  10. rachel441

    This creepy woman just came into Sheetz accosting everyone and telling them to go watch this movie. I’m standing here waiting for my food and had to google it. What a freak.

    • Joe Zangief

      Do you consume dairy? You seem like a freak actually.

      • rachel441

        She would have had more success if she didn’t seem so nuts. Her entire demeanor was frantic almost, manic. Who goes up to every person in a gas station and starts pushing something on them – over and over? Going from one person to another and back to the first one repeatedly. It was way weird.

        • Joe Zangief

          Honestly, I don’t do that, but I applaud her. Maybe you should just watch the documentary. Sorry about calling you a freak.

          • Izzy

            Veganism is correlated with mental illness. It can manifest itself as being frantic, almost manic. Or it can manifest itself by saying “you seem like a freak” to total strangers.

          • Joe Mama

            No it is Not correlated with mental illness. There are just as many super passionate, super pushy meat eaters out there. What a stupid comment you made.

  11. Bmwendo

    Trying to discredit the doctors any chance he can get even if he’s saying the same thing as in the doc… 4:50 min “carbs will not go to fat unless overdone” his restaliation “when you overload your body with carbs your liver will turn it into fat ” then goes on to say all the research done is biased. This guy is a fucking joke, cholesterol is positively collelated with cvd by most studies. Hasn’t disproved anything by talking shit about who’s speaking or saying there’s not a one size fits all approach. As if one was even suggested.

    • Mitchell Holland

      Thats because the dr is exagerating how hard it is to over eat carbs and refill your muscle glycogen, it can take 3-4 days eating 0g of carbs per day and doing intense exercise every day to deplete your muscle glycogen stores completely. Now if you follow the american dietary guidelines for DAILY carb intake its between 225 and 325 grams a day, that is enough and then some (depending on somebodies weight) to completely refill all their glycogen stores, unless of course they are an athlete that expends a lot of energy everyday.

  12. Cappy Odinsen

    “I am a doctor, listen to me”. This is credentialism. You can’t back up what you say with actual science because everything you say is dogma. If you had actual science, you wouldn’t need to resort to ad hominem, straw man, and other logical fallacies. You are just trying to get people to conform to your distorted world view, because it is comforting, rather than actually changing your views based on the evidence. That is anti-science. That is quackery.

    • Joe Zangief

      Distorted? Do you see what we do to animals just for food? And food that causes us illness too.

      Distorted is knowing the health implications yet still choosing your tastebuds over your mind.

  13. Glen Mckenna

    “When it comes to nutrition in humans, there is simply no one-size-fits-all solution. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something.”

    -Go to: https://nutritionfacts.org/
    It’s a non-profit website based on actual scientific findings.

    *Also, ZDogg is a GENERALIST doctor, whereas Dr. Garth Davis is a SPECIALIST doctor. Well I’m no doctor but I wouldn’t want a general practitioner doing surgery on me.

  14. Sherri Cooper

    This video made me laugh out loud in a good way! I really like the sarcasm! What I found quite funny was “a doctor” (as indicated in the title) was wearing a stethoscope! Too funny!

  15. Robert

    I have been a whole food vegan for 3 years. I am very healthy. You just have to educate yourself as best you can and decide what makes sense. What the Health makes sense to me.

  16. Kevin Parrish C

    The doctors in the documentary are very real. People denying the reality of Government checkoff programs and the stupidity of drinking cows milk are addicted to their ways, plain and simple.

  17. disqus_6FQZuhJ7nZ

    Wait hold on a second…the title of the video says “an actual/real doctor watches…”….this is a guy who spends more time creating parody music videos to grow his youtube channel and make money, instead of being focused on actual medicine or his patients? The same “real doctor” who has to wear a stethoscope around his neck to make himself appear more credible?

    The same dr that criticizes the film producer for attention but shamelessly makes his own videos for the same purpose? Im a physician and I know that I got the same amount of nutritional knowledge as you in medical school…almost nothing. I don’t know much about nutrition because most medical students are never taught it but ill be the first to admit that. The drs that you are criticizing actually went out and focused time on learning something new.

    Sorry “Dr. Zdogg” you’re an internet clown more focused on entertainment rather than medicine so you won’t be taken seriously. Atleast the dr’s in the documentary are focused on research.

  18. Mauro Miceli Consigli (MauM)

    “Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something.” Yeah right, because the creators of WTH own all the fruits and vegetable industry, haha!

  19. Buffstang76

    Refute anything? Nope. Guess what? You aren’t going to be diseased from eating plants, fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, etc. And you have no argument against that. Way to act like you’re 5.

    • Mitchell Holland

      You are actually more likely to be allergic or intolerant to substances found in fruits and vegetables than you are meat, so you’re completely wrong there lol.

  20. Ed Cummings

    Well I avoided this documentary because it was made by the creators of Cowspiracy

  21. Arat Foley

    You are a racist and anti-feminist…you discredit other medical professionals and their research while mocking racism and peoples gender. It is disgraceful. You may not believe your colleagues and the research that they have presented, but where is your research? Where are the facts that back up your ridiculous claims? As I PA, I am ashamed to know that there are medical professionals like you out there, promoting your own misconceptions, while mocking and shaming others.

  22. Joanna G

    Aside from the movie What The Health, there have been many independent studies and research of people who have been able to reverse and cure diseases by switching to a plant based diet. Maybe some people do or think they do need meat but its over kill here in America. Most Americans eat meat and dairy with every meal. I can see needing to have a small portion 1-2x a week but all in all of course a doctor is going to speak up against this documentary, healthy eating will take all their patients and income away. Also, what is this doctors tie to the medical industry? Big Pharma companies have lots of $$$ invested in doctors and big pay outs.

    As proof as a former meat eater I had more vitamin deficiencies and my doctor prescribed me more supplements when I ate meat vs. plant based. After trying a plant based diet, my vital levels have been the best they ever have in my whole life so I do believe their is truth to plants containing the adequate nutrition we need.

    • Mitchell Holland

      The problem with all those “Stories” of people having had shit health while eating meat and then they go vegan and are suddenly healthy, doesn’t mean that the meat was causing the problem, but more likely the lack of vegetables. This is the problem with peoples basic understanding of studies and eliminating variables.

  23. Mike D

    Any time someone says let me save you the time of having to read or view something yourself, I get a little suspicious. I think there are good points made here, and I agree that more than one diet can be healthy, but like the creator of WTH, ZDogg does some serious cherry picking for maximum entertainment value. I would have found this response much more credible and educational had he also picked out some parts that they got right. You can make fun of the dude calling those organizations, but what do you say about how crazy defensive and weird the heads of these same organizations get when that dude goes to interview them in person? I’m not a big fan of the way the film was put together but overall the clips focused on here do not represent the film. Like I said, this cherry picks the worst moments for entertainment value. Also, it is clear Z doesn’t like the woman he called out. I’ve never heard of her, and maybe she deserved it, but it seemed really harsh. Some of the other docs are in the film have done good work with patients and it seems to me that spending time tearing them down instead of addressing the pill pushers that make up most of the medical community is not productive.

  24. Rev. Adrienne Baksa

    Although I haven’t seen this film myself, I spoke with someone very close to me yesterday and she had seen the film and found it wonderful. Your statement, “you can save yourself 1.5 hours of pure torture by watching our responses here!” is a pretty harsh comment. At least it is in my opinion.

  25. Flipper Tweenie

    Zdogg is just an old dog and you can’t teach him new tricks, apparently. What a douche!! He just disregarded what was being said and went cherry picking bits and pieces of the movie without the context. I guess if you like a PeeWee Herman style doctor you should listen to this crap.

  26. RighetousLove28

    Let’s be real now “Diseases” or man made it’s all about money point blank period say what u want it’s the truth!! If society cared so much about the people were the f***k is cure for cancer HUH????!! Our body didn’t create disease!!!!!! I feel bad we been lied too and some people will not believe they will continue tell they get sick. I’m actually hurt I love food just like everybody else but certain food are just not good for us. I love the documentary I’ve been aware. Wake up people. It’s alll about that MONEYYYYYYYY

  27. Cate

    You, ZDogg, are an embarrassment to the health care profession. You are smug, rude, flippant and clearly not well read or educated. You are trying to appeal to an ignorant audience who would prefer to eat crap and take the latest, greatest drugs offered by the multi-billion dollar pharma industry. Thing is, I’m pretty sure it is that industry that is egging you on to make these clearly ridiculous statements. I recommend you go back to school – maybe start at the beginning again.

  28. Katie Byrne

    I love that most of this is him just making fun of people? Like, wow, I’m CONVINCED that you know what you’re talking about. Thank god he’s wearing that stethoscope because his words would lead me to believe he’s not a doctor.
    I’m a classical violinist. I WISH I had the gall to tell a jazz musician they’re playing something. This bro is telling LEADING NUTRITIONISTS that they don’t know anything about their field or medicine. Not to mention there wasn’t a SINGLE SOURCE in this bros video. “Fat doesn’t cause diabetes” PROVE IT. WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT and don’t give me some Dairy Industry funded source because that is so biased.
    And mocking the DANGER of toxins in breast milk and how they affect a baby??? Um, we don’t drink alcohol when pregnant so why would we put other very serious toxins in our body?? And he didn’t even have an argument. He just made fun of another leading nutritionist.
    Plus I appreciate that he needed pals there with him to laugh as he cyber bullied this documentary. He knew he didn’t have anything to discredit this. He needed people to laugh and say “yeah, get ’em zdogg, haha”.
    Mocking vegans? Overrated and overdone. And we do live forever and get ripped because we don’T POISON OUR BODIES.
    This video proved literally nothing and I feel really dumb for even watching the entire thing.

  29. Victoria

    ZDogg’s commentary made me laugh. Then I got hungry. 🙂

  30. Petronila Tavares-Rasch

    “The WHO classifies Processed meat as a group 1 carcinogen, the same group as cigarettes, asbestos, and plutonium.” Doc pauses the video, and… wait for it… comments: “Plutonium is totally vegan, just in case you’re wandering” and moves on. Hahahahaha. That is what he found worth commenting in that statement?! Behold one of the guardians of our health. And in the ‘DELETED SCENES’, he agrees: “whatever the FDA is saying, whatever the food industry is saying, and they have BIG DONORS for these things” Yeah, put your head in the sand all you want, people.

  31. Ashley G

    Soooo it’s okay the FDA states on the website that rodents, maggots and feces is okay in our food in moderation? I’m alright, I’ll stick with shit I grow myself.

  32. Radha Jai

    Can I just say thank you for this? Thank you so much! I don’t know how many times I have had to explain that nutrition and nutrition science is 1. really new 2. everyone is different 3. quality of food has a lot more to do with overall nutrition than trying to promote one thing over another. I am currently studying kinesiology and biochemistry with my goal to get into medical school. I am constantly having this battle and it usually starts with “well those doctors just don’t know what they are talking about. Eggs are good, then they are bad, now it’s ok to put butter on stuff, but you need to eat kale!” So much is just, well it depends and as I like to say “it’s more complicated than that”.

  33. Donna McClure

    I love this so much!

  34. marjolein van der Woude

    All this hate to vegan people, nobody told you or forced you to be vegan, nobody told you to watch this doc. if you don’t like it don’t watch it, and no vegan is judging you and your lifestyle so why attack theirs?

  35. Justin Carr

    I don’t trust the doctors anymore than the documentarians. Most Americans doctors don’t seem to know shit about diets. They act like food doesn’t impact our health at all.

    • RN

      Ask a Dr. how many hours in med school that they covered nutrition , most will say a few hours . They know very little about nutrition .

  36. Catherine Baumann

    So, where does this Dr. making fun of the documentary stand on eating meat? I understand he believes an optimal diet needs to be individualized, but overall does he eat meat? Does eating meat connect to cancer? Yes or No

  37. Catherine Baumann

    And does it matter if anyone in life has been vegan since day 1 of their life? Can’t you just see how going vegan feels for yourself? Or if you have health conditions try a plant based diet? It’s about improving your health and how you feel inside. Who cares how long you have or haven’t been vegan. If it works for you great. If not great!

  38. Christina Munoz

    “My plate” is institutionalized racism given to you by Michelle Obama… a BLACK woman. 😂

    • EP_2012

      I hope you did, Shawn. I see a website with their own agenda providing their own cherry-picked studies (many which are either irrelevant or older than the studies used in WTH) in order to “debunk” it.

      Also funny that they disqualify information coming from “vegan doctors” or “blogs” when they themselves are a blog (selling products) run by a GP who doesn’t specialize in either diet or nutrition.

  39. Mara Mierisch Call

    I loved this! Thanks for calling this documentary out for fear mongering. My boys and I watch a documentary every Sunday morning, and we all picked this. Yikes. About 5 minutes into it we were like, what the hell? We lasted about 20 minutes before we had to turn it off. And then I found your site and we had a few good laughs! Racist milk?! Hahahaha! I agree with you that diet is not a one size fits all and I wish more people would realize this. I think that when people have an active lifestyle, they have a tendency to make more healthy choices in their diets, to get more sleep, do more yoga and stretching–all of which lowers stress; which helps makes one healthier. Why sweat the small stuff? We are all going to die eventually anyway. What matters is that we enjoy life while we are living it. A life spent over worrying about every thing we eat causing illness, (aka. hypochondriac), is not a joyful life.

  40. Cassidy Pagan

    So are the doctors in the documentry lying? You call yourself a real doctor, then you should know people DO need to start eating more plants, for multiple reasons. I Hate “doctors” who have no intention of actually helping people.

  41. Crystal Vasquez

    Thank you for this. This made my day so much better after wasting an hour and a half of my weekend to watch this nonsense. I should have watched your video first…
    Signed RD who likes real science

    • EP_2012

      You’re an RD who doesn’t think that plant-based diets are healthy or beneficial? How does it feel to contradict the position paper of your governing body?

      Read: Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Vegetarian Diets

      • Crystal Vasquez

        Except that’s not what I said. This “documentary “ is full of fear mongering propaganda and pseudoscience. Comparing cheese to heroin? Have you ever seen a heroin addict? That’s a ridiculous comparison. We need to be focused on repairing our relationship with food and our bodies. We need to have real factual information out there not inaccurate BS

        • EP_2012

          I suggest you go back and watch that part again… his explanation of casomorphin is entirely accurate.

          The “real, factual information” is the same as what the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics uses. Do you disagree with their position on veg diets?

  42. QuestAndAbel

    So you’re purporting to do a balanced review… yet you conveniently ignore one of the most powerful parts of the documentary, about large food corporations controlling the messaging of organizations fighting diseases caused by foods those corporations produce. But hey, you’re getting publicity “doctor” so you got that going for you. I’m not vegan or even vegetarian, I’m just someone looking for facts.

  43. Roberta Briceno

    “…a diet to cure diabetes…?” “A whole foods plant based diet can help cure humans and the planet, not to mention a tremendous reduction in animal suffering.” Get over the greed and live vegan!

  44. Shawn (DD80PACKERS)


    I mean its nothing to take offense to. I for one love meat of every form. That is before I saw this documentary. The evidence is quite clear that meat consumption is strongly correlated with increased forms of health concerns. Not to mention all of the other bad diet choices people can make alongside their meat consumption. Not only that, but do we forget dairy? People, its simple. Reduce your meat intake (especially red meat) and live a higher quality of life. Vegan agenda? Oh no, they are telling us to eat more healthy! Whats the big deal? If you don’t want to go vegan–which I will not–then don’t. I am just going to drastically reduce my meat consumption. I also find it interesting that high heat cooking and food consumption have a negative impact on our bodies as well. So, now we find not only is it the meat, but it’s the way we cook it. Toni V posted a great video and I think that if people wont even listen to that, then nothing will change their mind.

  45. Anna Rehm

    I’m really disappointed in you, Zdogg. I like some of your messages about reforming the medical industry and not believing everything you hear from the government. But you come off sounding uneducated, disrespectful and attention grabbing in this critique. Where is your research to back up your claims in this rebuttal? There are “actual” doctors in the What the Health documentary, “ZDogg.” Maybe you’re just a joke? Or maybe you’re just trying to make yourself feel better for eating cheese.

  46. Megan 'Nppc' Rebimbas

    It doesn’t even sound like you’re a professional. I certainly wouldn’t want you to be my doctor. I’m not a vegan by any means- but it seems a little interesting that a plant based diet- where there is no money to be gained- is causing such emotion from people like doctors and pharmacists whos salarys THRIVE off of people with heart disease. You’re pausing and making comedy comments- instead of sharing any type of intellectual truth. You really think people know the dangers of the supermarket? 90% of people don’t know. It makes me question you(a “medical professional”) for making such a ridiculous allegation. And plutonium is not a vegetable. So you using slick comments and jokes to try and lean people away from being vegan which I will repeat is NOT AN INDUSTRY and does NOT GAIN MONEY like the hospitals do when people have diabetes , makes you seem utterly unprofessional and again you wouldn’t ever be my doctor. And I’d advise people to stay away from someone so arrogant that hey make jokes about something that could’ve been a real discussion. You had a floor to actually say something of substance. State your claim and say facts. Instead you laughed and joked. Disappointed and ashamed they allow people like you a degree

  47. Sean Allan Jackson

    Why do people only want to find problems with everything rather then solution? Maybe try seeing the big picture? Oh the guy said one thing wrong film is trash imma go a 20 bucket of chicken and anyone who wants to eat apples is a sheep….. that’s how you sound… next you will say you smoke ciggeretts because what may work for you may not for others right? Mad luv tho cool story bro #LUL

  48. Krisitn

    lol. Ok I wouldn’t say this was a professional video by any means but, he is quite entertaining and cute.

    I believe what it comes down to is genetics. I have experienced first hand my bf doesn’t digest meats very well but, I have never had an issue with digesting any meat. WE DO NOT EAT PORK!

    I think it really boils down to blood type. I eat a lot of plant based foods lentils, beans (all kinds), salad (love), veggies but, I also enjoy meat! I don’t eat red meat often maybe 1 to 2 times a month….chicken, turkey and seafood mostly.

    I avoid any processed food (I mean I eat almost no processed food unless it’s wine and cheese night! which only happens maybe 3-4x a year!) and white bread. Not saying I have never eaten it or don’t every so often…but, I hardly ever eat bread in general.

    However, I love sweets but, I have found ways of baking with stevia or another healthier sugar. I will never give up ice cream or chocolate chip cookies!!! NEVER! However, I eat in moderation and I work out pretty aggressively especially after those types of meals. I think you should enjoy food! I LOVE IT especially sweets.

    Again, it comes down to genetics. I think the best thing to understand is your blood type and what that means when it comes to nutrition. EVERYONE is different.

    No I am not a doctor but, I also haven’t gotten sick in years! Just eat right and exercise! There is no magic diet or pill….it comes down to basics. We are meant to be active and eat whole foods. THAT’S THAT!

    REALLY INTERESTING THOUGH: I travel often to Mexico. I eat almost the same there…a little bit more sweets at times. However, I do suffer from adult acne. It’s not terrible but, I get some bumps from hormonal acne. I say that to say this, when I am in Mexico my acne starts to calm down and when I am there for a week or 2 it is completely gone. My skin is clear! Then I come back to the US start eating the same food and it flares up again which is extremely frustrating if you can imagine. I do believe that our food is tainted which is sad and makes me furious! So just do your best to eat well and love your body which means take care of it! (exercise 4-5x a week, eat whole foods (must portion your meals because, over eating is what will make you fat!), limit the sugar and you will see results)

  49. Tiggy Heitzler

    People writing these bullshit articles defending their palate preferences, justifying murdering BILLIONS of the kindest beings on the planet- all for flavor is a sign that they have been conditioned and brainwashed. There is absolutely nothing you can “get” nutritionally from animal products. Try me. And don’t pull that whole (But B12 bullshit- fact check yourself). You can try to twist it any way you choose but every single outcome is going to have you walking into a brick wall. The people on here saying its in their “ethics” to consume meat- you are sociopaths. Stop defending something so incredibly wrong and start supporting people who choose compassion. Instead of BLINDLY opposing something- why don’t you TRY veganism, for two weeks- eat Kale, Quinoa, Hemp seeds, Flax seeds, Chia Seeds, Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Pepper, Cucumbers, Tempeh, Cashew Cheese, Almond Milk/Cashew Milk/Brazil Nut milk, Collard Greens, Broccoli, Cabbage, Mint, Celery. etc…and see how amazing you feel- do it properly, learn about your body and nutrition and the benefits of a CLEAN COLON and then come talk your talk. Peace.

  50. Barry Lewis Layden

    I think I’ll side with the documentary 👍

    This guy and his bro science is just annoying.

  51. Carson grey

    I do strongly believe that the human diet should consist primarily of plant-based nutrition, with meat acting as a “side dish”/supplemental. I was completely stunned by the claims about sugar in this movie. However, when you consider what happens when sugar meets cholesterol ( glycation ) it’s clear that you need to either minimize cholesterol or minimize sugar in your blood.

    All that said – I am terribly confused about plant-based nutrition now because of this:


    Honestly – what the h*ll am I supposed to be eating?!

  52. Lonerwithaboner420

    Maybe we should be discussing how awful white sugar is for you.

  53. Bekura Shabazz Branch

    The problem is that meat eaters want to break apart the documentary and make everything they said all inclusive when it wasn’t at all and I eat meat. I know our gov’t isn’t shit and just for me the part where these associations didn’t want to speak up…spoke volumes….something a lot of you are saying nothing about. How do you let an industry tell you whats good about it like it will ever tell you any different? But that’s ok to you all right especially those of you who are saying they didn’t show any opposing viewpoints which is not necessary when documenting a persuasive piece (remember writing persuasive articles in school?). The gov’t has failed us for money. All they care about is their pockets and all of us are indispensable to them. The documentary was good very good in fact at exposing the health industry for what it is….a for profit monopoly that feeds off of the ignorance of the masses. Why do they not want doctors to be proficient in nutrition when it is so important? Why do they want to keep pushing medication band aids to us getting folks hooked on drugs then throwing them in jail because the pharmaceutical companies never said the masses would get hooked on drugs now they are pulling folks medications away now causing them to get hooked on street narcotics. All a way to make money for the powers that be. Please folks wake up..our gov’t is killing us!!!

  54. Christina Veganislove Berwick

    This guy is an actual doctor because anyone can pay for a degree. He is gonna tell his patients to eat what they want, because being happy is what ppl want and will pay him to tell them what they wanna hear. He cares about getting paid, not about people’s health.

  55. Hoda

    Thank you for posting this! I am a clinical dietitian at one of the top hospitals in the US and I thought this documentary was so bizarre. It was truly painful watching how the American people are being fed false information.

  56. JohnnyooBravo

    I watched this “movie” because I’ve always interested in nutrition and making the human body stronger. Since I was twelve years old I was interested in bodybuilding. For years I would read and hear in person from pro and amateur bodybuilder what I should eat when to eat how to cut fat from my body and all along hearing on the news the experts stating the “facts” of nutrition. The experts LIE!!! and have ever since. This movie is the same and within fifteen minutes I was going crazy but no one was home to tell at. I had to stop watching because my head was going to pop. A hypochondriac making a movie out of the blue on a topic he knows nothing of. My favorite line from a doctor was more carbs made diabetes better. Yes there are problems with meats and chicken & fish. But there are problems with fruits and veggies too. We all should be forming the government to make labels mandatory and subsidize free range ranchers other wize known as farmers who don’t mutate their live stock. I had to go back a watch a little more. What’s worse are the people who watched the movie and and now know less of real honest nutrition.

  57. Jarek Kram

    People should only eat to survive. The bare minimum necessary to curb hunger. A selective and nutritious way. Something seemingly non threatening as a cold cut sandwich or red meat should be eaten in pure hunger. Staying light on your feet is light on your heart. Im not a doctor, but it should be clear by now half these diseases are not genetic and dna can be altered through diet.

  58. USSColorado

    When you see the FACT that these different entities such as the ADA, AHA, Susan G. Komen Foundation, American Dairy Association are getting millions from corporations that manufacture products which are self-indicting with many studies, and the number of interviews that were declined, especially one of the ones with about 30 minutes left in the documentary where the lady comes out and flat out states that they can’t do the interview because of all of the money at stake at that’s the business they’re in (obviously). Health care in America is and has never been about preventing disease, it’s all about treating disease because there is a LOT trillions of dollars involved in the treatment of disease from beginning to agonizing end; but it feeds the machine.Too many pharmaceutical companies have far too much at stake as well and when it’s all put together it all makes a lot of sense. Do yourself a favor and be the judge for yourself it the documentary is truly a waste of your time or not. Unless you just like to be told what to think rather than think for yourself.

  59. Kenneth Furr

    When a person chooses to eat meat knowing full well it brings another sentient being unnecessary harm and suffering, what does that say about the person choosing such a thing, especially if you can get your nutritional needs met in another way? Would such a person contribute money to dog fighting? If not, then why contribute to the evils of factory farming and exploitation? What’s the difference? When will we learn to see our own arrogance? We humans are not the center of the universe. We just seem to think we are. Destruction. Harm. Suffering. Yeah, we cause plenty of that. When will we wake up?

  60. Victoria White

    Do not understand which benefits does this documentary get. Thought I see which benefits eating meet gives to companies that try to contradict those facts. I am pretty sure that people who are trying to fight plant based diet have never tried it for long enough and feel the benefits.

  61. Tommy Parisi

    You say he’s bias but with in 10 minutes of watching it you already choose not to listen to a thing he said, a little hypocrytical, to dismiss the whole documentary just because of a couple things you dont like, is ridiculous because you miss all the information about the corrupt agro industry, which does include the plant life as well, if you look deeper the same people controling the food industries and back it are the same people running the banks, politics, our water supply, our energy systems, it goes much deeper than a plant based diet and while this documentary may not go there, it will make people look deeper and see it on their own

  62. Kevin Goetz

    Nah, you can definitely, completely trust Big Pharma, and BigAg,they REALLY ! TRULY have your best interests at heart!

  63. Kevin Goetz

    The AMA, Big Ag, Big Pharma, etc, really truly do not care about profits and making money, ONLY about people and their optimal health , I can feel it in my bones!
    They are altruists of the highest order, always self-sacrificing and 110% honest, Even if it’d hurt them in the pocketbook
    Congress, and US gov, the same!

  64. Kevin Goetz

    Some people can function on cocaine and heroin, plus smoking 2 packs a day..is that proof they are healthy?

  65. Anna Keywood-Clawson

    All that being said, and with a logical basis, how much nutrition education did you (ZDogg) and any other MD receive in medical school? 7 hours? Maybe 10? Let’s let some transparency do the talking in regards to “expert” advise on nutrition.

  66. Jacob Hughes

    A point of What the Health is…real doctors have ZERO training in prevention…NONE. I would rather watch a plumber talk who is knowledgeable in the prevention of diseases.

    • J Welch

      Have you gone through medical school in the last 10 years? I’m in medical school right now and we literally have a class called preventative medicine…

  67. Kristin Kidd

    I love you z!

  68. J Welch

    I watched the first 20 minutes of this documentary because a friend said she went vegan after watching it and that they based their claims on “science stuff”. One minute longer and I might have actually ripped my hair out. It was MUCH more entertaining watching you watch it haha Thanks for being you Z! It’s refreshing and encouraging!

  69. Dave

    Unaware, I started to watch What The Health last night. I got as far as the milk = racism guy before I pressed stop. Today, I remembered almost watching it and wondering if I’d return for more shock and laughs. Instead I googled “What the Health is bullshit” and wound up here. Thank you for this post; the sun can begin shining again.