I’ve done a lot of videos on vaccines, most recently an April Fools one that seemed to hit a nerve. As a result, I’ve gotten mad luv from exasperated healthcare peeps around the world, and mad hate from conspiracy nuts everywhere. But one piece of feedback I thought was valid: ridiculing people won’t generally change their minds. So here’s a video for parents on the fence about vaccinating that sincerely attempts to start a dialog. Less judgements and more working together to do what’s best for our children and our community, starting with the acknowledgement that this is hard and scary for many parents (including myself).

Now those healthcare peeps looking for a quick ZDoggMD fix should just start at 6:18 and call it a day. Everyone else? Please watch and share with parents you know.

19 Responses to “To Parents Worried About Vaccines”

  1. Frances Jones Nielson

    Absolutely LOVE your vlogg!! Thanks you for bringing some of the concerns of the health care world to the attention of the community.\nI was required to be fully updated on my immunizations for nursing school 6 years ago, so imagine my surprise when I was diagnosed with whooping cough in early February! While I’m not happy I got it, it has given me a whole new appreciation for our vaccine regimen, and a completely different perspective on WHY we vaccinate. I cannot imagine being a young child with this… unable to breathe, feeling like the air is knocked out of your lungs every time you cough. It’s scared me as an adult, it must be horrifying as a child! \nThank you again for your educational entertainment. Keep ’em coming!!

    • Catherine Peterson

      Hey! Last January, I got pertussis also! I’m am ICU nurse and have always kept up on all my vacs. I was out of work for 3 months and now I have residual and permanent asthma. Can you imagine intentionally leaving your child at risk for such misery? Keep it up Z!

  2. Pamela Beurman

    I will never understand why anyone would take the word of a nose picking former Playboy bunny over that of an expert with both facts and education to back him/her up. \n\nScotty, beam me up now?

    • Fuck pam

      who gives a flying fuck?

  3. Keith

    Good work, ZDogg, I hope you change some minds.

  4. Lindsay Reynolds Bennett

    THANK YOU!!! A million times thank you!!!\nAs a mom of 4 with one on the spectrum and a nurse I have a really hard time with the anti vax movement. I’m sorry but my child’s autism does not make him less than! It does not make him someone to be pitied and paraded around as an example of why you shouldn’t vaccinate your children. I understand your fears no one wants their child to be different to have a hard time in life. However putting those who can’t be vaccinated at risk is terrible. The diseases I have protected my son from are terrible! I think getting polio, rubella, measles, or mumps is terrible. Yes autism is life long but so are the effects of those diseases. As for the so called MD whose study is touted so loudly in the anti vax movement what a bunch of bunk! When your results can’t be repeated by your peers your research is skewed. I think it’s great to be an advocate for your child. I think researching and asking questions is important. The other thing about that though is that the research needs to be from credible sources. Evidence based and repeatable results are more important than what some celebrity says. All of this to say WAY TO GO ZDOGG!!! Telling it like it is!

  5. Siobhan Justin

    Vioxx was found to cause death prior to it’s release on the market.

    • Juniper Arnold Stewart

      Aspirin has been found to cause deaths prior to its release on the market…and acetaminophen…and penicillin…and…and…and…

  6. Siobhan Justin

    You are obviously paid off, because if you had Actually studied vaccines you wouldn’t be producing this propaganda video

    • Matt Flannery

      X marked

  7. Jenn

    I’m curious to know what you think of how some of the outbreaks happened in groups of people who HAD been vaccinated and HAD received their boosters. You blamed the resurgence of these illnesses on those who do not vaccinate. But a couple years ago mumps broke out in a college and I looked at the CDC data and it showed that the majority had been vaccinated.

  8. Gina Baker

    How about a conspiracy theory in the US congress? The following is a link of a US representative trying to present information about a CDC whistleblower stating that information from a autism vaccine study being falsified. http://www.jeffereyjaxen.com/blog/congressman-poesy-delivers-bombshell-cdc-whistle-blower-evidence-to-us-house-calls-for-investigation Also- I called the office of Congressman Posey and his representatives confirmed every word that this CDC whistleblower has come forward and data was messed with. While this may only be one study, if fraud it at the level of the CDC, where else is it? Also, have you seen your child stop speaking overnight right after vaccinations? Stop walking? Have you watched him throw a five hour tantrum because he cannot communicate to you what he wants? Or even that he hurts? You have no idea what parents go through due to vaccines. I also don’t appreciate you minimizing the ‘risk’ until you have looked on our side of the fence to see what we are up against.

  9. Jlynn Geniac

    Your soooo funny….I love it…..I wish I was as funny as you….I used to work in a clinic where I would speak hours explaining why kids needed vaccines….your explanation is so much better though


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