A survey of 1000 docs aimed to get to the bottom of what’s burning us out as frontline healthcare peeps.

Contributors include administrative distractions, paperwork, and the feeling that we aren’t given the latitude, tools, resources, or support to just care for patients. We dive in with Jessica Sweeney-Platt, researcher at athenahealth.

Watch the Facebook LIVE from my ZDoggMD Industries World Tour stop at athenahealth headquarters in Watertown, MA, and make your voice heard!


2 Responses to “Why We Burn Out & What To Do About It”

  1. Sachin Shah

    You should come to San Antonio and help the nurses avoid burnout at Methodist Healthcare!

  2. Ripple In Still Water

    How do u understand those, like me, who categorically reject completing any surveys (I receive 3-6 requests weekly)?


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