On Oct. 1st, 2017, the worst mass shooting in US history took place in our town of Las Vegas.

Immediately first responders and private cars rushed victims to our local hospitals. University Medical Center (UMC), where I am on staff, is Nevada’s only level 1 trauma center, burn center, and transplant center. It is also our safety-net hospital, taking care of our most vulnerable citizens. They need and deserve our support during this time when all of us come together. Sunrise Hospital, closest to the incident and a level 2 medical center, is handling a huge number of victims as well, and our area hospitals are severely strained by this unprecedented mass casualty event.

Please share this show and click through here to get to the Facebook version where there is an easy “Donate” button to support the UMC Foundation.

Donate blood if you can. Support our front line responders and caregivers. And have faith that there is vastly more goodness that emerges in response to these tragedies than there is evil in the world.

Below is our live cast showing the amazing turnout and expression of community the day after the shooting… #VegasStrong :

6 Responses to “Nevada’s Only Level 1 Trauma Center Needs Your Help”

  1. Dayana Maruri

    I tried all day to help. I’m a 12 yr experienced ER nurse with trauma & ICU experience. Legalities such as not having a Nevada state license hindered my ability to help in the actual ER. I left my name and number to several hospitals hoping to hear back. I can go anytime.

    • Amy Mauk-Fisher

      If you dont mind let me know if you here anything back im a er nurse on vacation un til the end of the month. But no navada license only California.

  2. David E Paz

    I am a doc with ER and Hospitalist experience. Let me know if I can be of help.

  3. Shannon Murr

    I am an ICU nurse. 12 to 13 years experience. No nevada License. I can come out the 10th until whenever.

  4. Marsol Oehling

    This hit to close to home. I worked at Orlando Health during the pulse shooting. Keep your head up and reach out if you need to talk to someone. You guys are amazing!

  5. Lisa Ann Walker

    Hey ZDog, just as a point of interest, in mass casualty incidents, O+ will be given to male patients and women who are not childbearing age in order to preserve O- for women who may be pregnant, or may become pregnant.


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