It’s a fibromyalgia #TribeTeach y’all.

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8 Responses to “9 Reasons To Blame The Recession on Fibromyalgia (Thanks Clickbait Generator)”

  1. Gayle Linde

    Hi Z. Please do a show on tinnitus. I have had tinnitus for 15-20 years and of course it is continuous. The screeching never stops and sometimes I wish I were deaf just to get some peace. Are there any new treatments?

  2. Jane Mateski

    Old ED nurse here, I don’t have fibro, CRP 14 with thyroid dz, but if I dare complain about pain the docs blow it off to fibro. Therefore I don’t mention pain.

  3. janet

    ooh… chronic narc use just screws up your endogenous opioid receptors and makes it worse. Not good for even “breakthrough” pain for firbro. JMHO

  4. janet

    and… some practitioners of Chinese Medicine (acupuncturists) do more than just acupuncture — we teach meditation, teach qigong/tai chi (which is gentle exercise). I am both a psychotherapist and Chinese Medicine practitioner and combine the two — Mind -Body medicine! (44 year meditator that saved my life)

  5. Sue M.

    Another reason I am glad I am a nurse and not a physician. You physician people have to take this seriously. I can step away.

    • Tim Shandler

      any nurse that feels like they shouldn’t take their job seriously and should step away, should step away for good. peoples lives are in your hands. do your job and keep your biases out of it.

  6. Jennifer Heaton

    ahhhh, thank you so much for this post, zdogg! I’ve just shared it on my facebook page. I was diagnosed with fibro SIX YRS AGO and it has been a battle coming to terms with this new life of mine, definitely a game changer. I basically went through all the stages of grief and denial, and am just recently coming to acceptance myself! I’m a former labor and delivery nurse who had to leave that field and now work the phones in physician referral all day… decreasing some of the physical/ mental stress has helped some but now I really have to work to stay mobile and STRETCH throughout the day. I take walks during lunch. also just successfully kicked the tramadol habit after years of that stuff… never going back! I could go on and on… all the doctors, all the imaging, all the tests, alllllll the $$$$$, all the tears, fights with friends/ family, etc. this disease sucks royally! but accepting and moving through it is the ultimate goal. but it can take years to get there, and sometimes patients never do. daily battle… keep up the good work zdogg, fight the good fight! thanks for all the helpful info and for doing your best to inform the misinformed.

  7. Terry Cohen

    I am 71 and have had fibro since my early 30 s. That’s a lot of years feeling horrible, saying yes to every symptom and being told, by one doctor in the earlier years that he’s done with me. I had used up enough of his time.
    Finally ten years ago, a rheumatologist sat back in his chair, looked at me and said… tell me everything. Through my tears I told him that I had all kinds of tests and they were negative. From my head to my burning feet, I had complaints. He said that most doctors would have written the word ‘crazy’ on my file.
    I have come a long way since then but still have issues. I am so glad this is finally out of the closet.


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