There’s a brand new medical show, LIVE nightly at 4PM PT 7PM ET on Facebook. AND IT BARELY SUCKS.

Welcome to Incident Report LIVE with ZDoggMD. The ONLY regular live medical show on the interwebz, with thousands of views and comments nightly (and a 4K replay on YouTube). Uncensored and unabashed discussion of events in health care that are happening NOW with your input in real time. Featuring producer Tom Hinueber and guy-behind-the-guys Logan Stewart. And don’t miss our weekly Sunday 7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific special deep-dive live show, Against Medical Advice.

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7 Responses to “Incident Report LIVE with ZDoggMD”

  1. Ericka Gray

    The Doctors is almost as bad. Note , I said almost . I don’t think they hawk as much BS/ witch doctor voo doo.

  2. Epador

    So how much did you get from Coke for the product placement?
    The kid needs her own show.

  3. Gary Levin

    Vader should meet with Oz. I think it would be on a more level discussion…..Z should send his front man. Vader. If Oz won’t meet with Z then use the FORCE !

  4. Michele Lonzo

    Many of the docs I work with think he is a joke…

  5. Beth Haynes

    Yes. If you can move his needle in a better direction, it would be a win.

  6. Ccn35

    Happy Birthday Mrs.Dogg!!!! Your husband is special but you must be even more special to put up with him. :).

  7. Michele Eslick

    ZDogg- would you please do an episode on autism? April is autism awareness month and it’s light it up blue.
    I’ve learned so much as a mom and RN of an autistic child, especially sensory issues. I’m very aware of my pts sensory needs now.
    It’s not a processing error, it’s a different operationing system.