Even superstars become patients.

Lady Gaga recently cited fibromyalgia as a reason for cancelling a European tour. We watch her new Netflix documentary “Five Foot Two” and break down that chronic pain fibromyalgia thang.


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2 Responses to “A Real Doctor Watches Lady Gaga’s “5 Foot 2””

  1. W Sumner Davis

    We need to not dismiss her symptoms or condition based on our own experiences and judgements of her as a performer.

  2. TC Calloway

    I agree @ZDoggMD…”Five Foot Two” leaves a viewer with a combination of admiration for her talent and empathy for “Stefani”, as she faces the disease that rules her young life. After all, she is just a girl from Queens with a nerve disorder who can bare her soul and sing.

    Gaga has a young body worth showing off, a palpable vulnerability and is surrounded by Healers and Enablers. As with Elvis, we wonder how long it will take for the Enablers to win out.


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