Let’s make no mistake: the current Ebola epidemic is a terrible humanitarian disaster in Africa. We should be doing everything we can to help alleviate the suffering on the ground there. As a parent, it’s hard to bear images of children orphaned and parents bereaved. As a physician, I would hop on a jet and lend my hand—if I wasn’t such an insufferable, pampered wuss.

So why the heck would we do an Ebola parody?

Too soon, you say?

Actually, not soon enough. The US media hysteria around this illness is ripe for ridicule and it’s time we stepped up before someone else does it even more tastelessly.

With that, we humbly present Ebola—A parody of the Kinks classic “Lola.” Filmed ‘live’ from my living room. Featuring the amazing Devin Moore from the band Rabbit! and Rocksalt Records.

So please share and help this video go “viral.” Because maybe then we can prompt some rational discussion about Ebola. While we’re at it, do something super rational and get your flu shot.

In the meantime, I’ve got a used hazmat suit to return.


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I caught it in a town in West Africa

Where the state of public health isn’t what it was in Pensacola, C O L A Cola

She walked up to me and I asked her whazzup

She looked kinda hot, and in a raspy voice she said “Ebola”

E Bo Bo Bo Bola


Well I’m not the world’s most sensitive guy

But I’m not sure it’s normal when you bleed from your eyes

What’s Ebola?

E Bo Bo Bo Bola

We danced all night and I kissed her goodbye

Then I hopped a plane to Dallas, took the red eye

With Ebola

E Bo Bo Bo Bola

E Bo Bo Bo Bola


Well I been back ‘bout a week or more

And I never had this kinda fever before

But the ER doc heard my complaints and said

“It’s a virus, here’s a Z pack, now go back home to bed”

Now I’m not a doc but I can’t understand

How I can travel from Liberia and not get scanned for


E Bo Bo Bo Bola

E Bo Bo Bo Bola


High fever today

Abdominal pain

It hurts in my brain

Is that blood in my pee?

Who’s that at my door? The CDC?


They said, No, those losers only try to confuse,

So we’ll handle this from here, we’re the guys from Fox News,

It’s Ebola. We repeat. It’s Ebola!!!

Saliva, sweat, vomit, blood, and poo is the cause

But let’s just blame Obama and trust Dr. Oz about Ebola


Now it’s ZDogg here to help us outta this mess

With a song that’s also going ‘viral’ I guess

While Ebola’s bad, let’s not forget the score

C. diff, staph, and flu already kill way more


But that doesn’t make for compelling TV

So we’ll make the same mistakes we made with HIV, for Ebola

E Bo Bo Bo Bola

E Bo Bo Bo Bola

21 Responses to “Ebola (A Viral Lola Parody)”

  1. Bomberjacket

    “It’s a virus, here’s a z pack…”\n\nI love the whole song but completely lose it with laughter at that line every time.

    • Doktor

      OMG I just love when a pt tells me they went to urgent care and we’re given a Zack for a cold!

  2. Margie

    CDC is gonna handle this with the guys from Fox news! Love it!!!

  3. Donna Riley-Lein


  4. Kyczy

    Fast thinking fast talking minute 2:03 gives us what we need to know. Great job once again.

  5. M LABS

    Here’s another ebola parody, this time to the tune of “My Sharona”\nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WcrYUdzjFc

  6. Alia Bucciarelli

    Love it! And, thank you for your link to support the CDC’s ebola efforts! I just donated.

  7. Michael Lockard

    Thanks Doc! This was SOOOO accurate in the Faux News slam. Great song and singing

  8. Kpop

    You’re awesome, ZDogg!

  9. NormRx

    Nobody is blaming Obama for Ebola. I am blaming him for the incompetence in handling this outbreak. As for calling out Fox News, all of the networks have been sensationalizing the Ebola outbreak.

    • Tarquinius

      “Outbreak”. WHO’s definition of a outbreak= \nA disease outbreak is the occurrence of cases of disease in excess of what would normally be expected in a defined community, geographical area or season. An outbreak may occur in a restricted geographical area, or may extend over several countries.\n9 people out of 316.1 million is not an outbreak. Watch your word choice

      • NormRx

        Well, maybe you should write your own dictionary. This is the definition of outbreak in an online dictionary.”a sudden breaking out or occurrence; eruption:”\n\nThis was a sudden breaking out, maybe you should learn the definition of words before you criticize someone.

        • Tarquinius

          Well then what dictionary you are using? Because my definition came from the WHO…you know…the World Health Organization….that little organization that may know something about world epidemics….but may should we all default to the NormRx dictionary. Sounds good

          • NormRx

            Now I understand, you do not use a dictionary. My sources are Dictionary.com, Word Web, and I even dug out an old printed copy of Websters and all have the same definition. The WHO is not in the word definition business, any more than the FBI, CDC, CIA, or any of the other alphabet soup of government agencies. Abraham Lincoln once said “if you call a dogs tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have.” Of course the answer is four, as Lincoln said in answering his own question, “calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg.” I suppose if you need a definition regarding cars you ask GM. If you need a definition of an airplane you call Boeing. Now I understand your logic,

          • Bomberjacket

            Your logic is Boeing doesn’t know the definition of what an airplane is because they aren’t a dictionary.\n\nsorry kiddo, that’s not how it works. \n\nUsing the medical definition of outbreak, which is the appropriate one to use in this circumstance (obviously), there is absolutely no kind of US outbreak.

          • Jeremiah

            Lol….who specifically said “US outbreak”?

    • Krystal f

      It’s not Obama’s job to control it. It is the W.H.O and tge CDC

      • Meded

        The WHO and the country’s public health infrastructure, yes, with consultation and help from the CDC — but I don’t think it’s part of the CDC’s basic mandate, although it can hopefully help prevent spread to other countries including the US. When there is poor infrastructure, as there are in some of the affected countries, Doctors without Borders pitches in with volunteers from all over the world.

    • MrsPoppins

      You’ve Got to be kidding. If not, then you don’t know what a US president is for. It isn’t to control the diseases forming across the globe or to be at all the airports on the planet screening all travelers.\n\nReally, you need to turn off Faux news so you don’t keep embarrassing yourself!

      • NormRx

        Hey Poppin Fresh, I do know what a presidents job is and Obama is doing a remarkably poor job in carrying out his duties. Jimmy Carter looks like a genius compared to this doofus. I am sure you were on the front line in blaming Bush for Katrina. Now why don’t you go back to watching PMSNBC, if you leave them, their audience will drop by 25%.

  10. Cindy Carlson

    My baby died from the flu before he was to be born.


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