Dr. HarryLook who’s bloggin’ now?\n\nIt’s me, Dr. Harry, self-proclaimed reclusive literary genius—sort of like J.D.Salinger, except that I am not a corpse, and my largely misunderstood pieces have yet to be accepted by a single publisher (some of whom have cruelly described my works as “the awkward musings of a self-loathing prepubescent”).\n\nWhy am I helping ZDogg M.D.?\n\nIndeed, why do I allow myself to be even loosely associated with this sad clown-prince of medicine?  It is only partly because I don’t have any other friends.  I know, I know–that’s ridiculous, right?  With the combination of my chiseled features, my effortless wit, and my charming habit of giggling after I soil myself in public, you would think that I should have no shortage of friends and obsequious followers!  Tragically (as my mother has often murmured to me as I am crying myself to sleep), people are clearly too jealous of me to be my friends.\n

The main reason that I am helping Dr. Z is simply because of these two words: I CARE.

\nIn my day-to-day work as a pediatrician, I often find myself wondering if I am doing enough to help my patients and their families build the confidence and knowledge they need to be as healthy and happy as humanly possible.  While there is an undeniable satisfaction that I get whenever I manually disimpact a constipated toddler’s rock-hard feces, I know that I can do more…\n\nAnd so, I set aside all my misgivings that ZDogg M.D. might be using my brawny good looks to peddle his tawdry videos.  I do this to educate and enlighten the general public, using my hard-learned medical knowledge.  I do this to improve the collective well-being of humanity and to foster a smarter, healthier world.\n\nAnd, as my influence grows, so too will my chances of achieving my deepest desire…VENGEANCE! Against all who have wronged me in the past! But that, my friends, is for a future blog.\n



Dr. Harry

  • We all care that you care! I hope that your work will help the world be a better, or at least funnier, place. It is clear to me that watching your videos and reading your blog will help humanity ascend to a higher plane of living and unravel the mysteries of the universe. (I can’t really think of anything else to say after that…)\n\nMay the Burger be with you!

    • Thanks, Fr8d! You clearly see into my heart that I am not the misanthrope that some (i.e. my parents) believe me to be!

  • Dr. Harry, there’s one area of pediatric care that desperately needs your chiseled features, mellifluous voice, and awesome lyrics .\n\nIncreasing vaccine uptake.\n\nYep, pediatric vaccines need to be sold. More precisely, the FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) about vaccine safety and efficacy spread by the anti-vaccinationist forces needs better rebuttal than it has been getting.\n\nWendy Sue Swanson, (Seattle Mama Doc) has started an initiative, Two Minutes to Represent Vaccines, http://seattlemamadoc.seattlechildrens.org/two-minutes-to-represent-vaccines/\n\nI am sure that you and your.. .colleagues? Henchmen? Posse? can bring a great deal to the effort.

    • Liz, Thanks for your comment! We are definitely on the same page (not just about the chiseled features)! Vaccine education is a subject about which I feel very strongly, and we are hoping that our laughable voices and sophomoric lyrical skills will be up to the task of creating a worthwhile product to further the cause for immunizations.

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  • Michelle Park

    You need to be my son’s doctor. Please tell me you’re reasonably close to San Jose and accepting new patients. =)

    • Michelle,\nPurely because you are one of 3 people to have even read my post, I will MOVE to San Jose to be your son’s doctor! Warn your son in advance not to be alarmed that I cry easily.

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  • mimi

    Coolest pediatrician i’ve known so far! I remember ZDoggsM.D. speech..his equation for pedia :))) anyways,keep it up!

  • mimi

    Amazing that a friend shared one of your videos to me TODAY and I started watching some of it and I STARTED TO ADMIRE ALL OF YOU! How I wish all doctors are like you. I’m a student nurse right now,and during my shifts I’ve seen only few doctors who manage to smile and make their patients happy,most of the time I see irate ones. You guys are really great & FUNNY doctors. why? you don’t just cure people but you also touch other peoples lives by making them happy. MORE POWERS TO ALL OF YOU! Keep it up!

  • Royce Everone

    Rock on, Dr. Harry…keep us laughing, and edumicated, we’re still smil’in as the Muse keeps call’in.

  • Dima

    It’s nice to see doctors like you who clearly have talents that aren’t directly related to their medical professions. You contributed a lot to ZDogg’s videos with your sense of humor and vocals. Despite ZDogg’s move to Vegas, I hope you guys work something out so you could still make guest appearances in some future videos. 🙂

  • Emma

    It is so nice and refreshing to see someone who is so amped about public health as I am. For the past 2 years in a public health program (and years prior) people teased me for my all too awesome ways of trying to help people be as healthy as possible too. It sucked at the time but then seeing my efforts and their fruits, like actually going on a first date to get vaccinated together, pushed me to keep it up. \n\nThank you for being ridiculously silly and absolutely awesome. Together, we can help everyone to realize we are public health!\n\nAnd by the way, if you ever want someone to giggle with you after you soil yourself in public, let me know. I’d love to take you out for ice cream, Dr. Harry. And my treat ;)\n\nHugs aren’t just for thugs and or besos pesos, \nEmma