A great lactation consultant/counselor can help guide, support, and nurture new mothers in a process we know is extremely beneficial for infants and mothers: breastfeeding.

But judging by the hundreds of stories sent our way, there are some (TOO many in fact) that are rigid, pushy, and dogmatic about “breast is best” resulting in stress, shame, and worse…all at a very vulnerable time for mothers.

This problem is compounded by the large variation in training: certified lactation consultants can get an extremely rigorous training…but there aren’t generally great rules or requirements for who can call themselves a “lactation counselor” and that can lead to badness.

Worse still? A push to certify hospitals as “Baby Friendly” means, in effect, that formula = failure (nurses can be WRITTEN UP for giving it) and everyone’s under more pressure to make sure breastfeeding is the only feeding that occurs in the first 6 months. Thanks, Measurement Industrial Complex!

So Lacy’s here to show us what wrong looks like. For her, EVERY week is Shark Week. 

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