3 Responses to “Doc Vader on Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate”

  1. patriotgamer

    So wait. Someone has to risk (and there are risks to every medicine) their child’s health to save someone else? One patients right to a choice of medical care is never less important than another. Guilt tripping a parent to inject something into their own child to possibly (there are no guarantees that the medication will work as some, especially hepatitis vaccines, are less effective on some) reduce the risk to another is inherently against a patients right to choose…. no medical care is 100% safe nor is it 100% effective so therefore it is a choice. Now don’t attack me and say “you antivax life destroyer” because I’m not but the message is wrong.

    • Danielle Lattes

      There is a risk to your child if he/she is NOT vacinnated. Not just others around them.
      Vaccines prevent 20 million deaths per year. No vaccinne is totally safe, however have you seen small pox? Probably not, because it was eradicated due to vaccines.
      Science> Opinion> Ignorance

      • patriotgamer

        To automatically discount my concerns as uneducated would be foolish. I have seen the results of reactions to vaccines, however I don’t discount their effectiveness because of this. I question FORCING one to vaccinate by either law or public shaming as a violation of their rights as the PATIENT. Ultimately, no matter what reason you give, you will not be successful in forcing someone to participate in any medical treatment. The patient has the right to choose. The mortality risk is the reason that one would take a vaccine, NOT to avoid the inconvenience of getting ill. Is there a risk in not taking a particular vaccine? Absolutely, but measuring the risk of mortality vs. the risk of adverse reactions and lifelong debilitating illness’ from the very medicine that supposed to keep one well, is the patients job and no matter how you feel about it, ultimately is their decision.


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