People keep asking him about medical marijuana, vaping, and CBD oil, so as any good Dark Side practitioner Doc Vader decided to try it out himself. On video. Using the most powerful vape pen in the Galaxy: The Breath Star.

BTW, where’d that bag of Doritos go?

2 Responses to “Doc Vader on Medical Marijuana”

  1. Greg Kramp, Pharmacist

    Have you considered covering medical marijuana? Maybe just as something that is out there that providers should be aware of. I was talking to a nurse who came from Washington state, at admission they had always asked patients about non-prescription medications, when she did the same here in the mid-west she was told “we don’t ask out patients about that”. Now that marijuana is legal in some form in 29 states I think there needs to be more awareness of it, that our patients need to know that we are a trusted resource not there “budtender”.