Apparently there’s this bald dude in Miami who wears sunglasses and sings and raps and stuff. AND IT ISN’T ME.

So I went to Miami to change all that. And to represent for the future of primary care and relationship-based medicine. Iora Health in the house, son! Take THAT, Mr. Pitbull.

Along the way I got to meet Dr. Geeta Nayyar of TopLineMD TV (our interview is coming soon), as well as Caroline Thomas, an amazing RN who has a killer YouTube channel for nurses called EmpoweRN. CHECK IT!

And that’s not all. Watch this latest Vlogg and see for yourself! #FireAndIce


Music Credits:

  • Digi GAlessio: Charlie and the Special Ks / Saudade
  • BOPD: 126 Beat1
  • Black Ant: Put It Together


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