A great conversation with David Fuller for his Rebel Wisdom podcast.

Here’s a link to the Rebel Wisdom show, they’ve done some really great interviews with some fascinating folks.

Timecodes for topics covered

02:02 – You hoped Covid would destroy the current healthcare system and replace it with something new – has that happened?

07:19 – Was this the straw that broke the camel’s back?

08:50 – You use a lot of language from the likes of Jonathan Haidt and Ken Wilber, and talk about awakening a lot, what’s that about?

14:19 – I’ve seen you described as a ‘pharma shill’ or similar in some comment threads – why?

18:03 – What are the dangers in big pharma ‘driving the boat’ on Covid?

20:50 – What do you make of the big tech platforms trying to regulate the conversation?

23:12 – This seems to be a wider disconnect in the information landscape – the gap between the mainstream and the alternative – the different narratives never seem to meet, what do we do?

27:44 – Do we have a broken marketplace of ideas?

32:37 – I’m going to challenge you a bit – you talk about being open minded but you’ve been very scathing of “anti-vaxxers” in the past, are you walking the walk on good faith?

34:49 – What about the ‘lab leak hypothesis’ for Covid, what do you make of that now?

37:29 – Why do people go to war with so much certainty about their narratives?

40:07 – Isn’t there a paradox, because you say that you’re open minded and revising your position, but the medium you operate in – speaking direct to camera – looks certain, definitive.

44:08 – What’s the responsible way to assess medical matters like the mRNA vaccines?

49:23 – What did you make of Geert Van Den Bosch?

53:21 – What can we tell about the safety of the vaccines?

57:19 – How can you have good faith discussions about these topics?

59:58 – Comparing the vaccine arguments with the discussion over the overprescription, and iatrogenic damage done by psychiatric drugs.

01:06:57 – What do you make of the current controversy over Ivermectin?

01:12:26 – We’re all biased, tribal creatures


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