Another ZVlogg episode documenting a day in the life of a physician and off-white rapper as I:

  1. Release In Da Lab, our newest single, and start pondering who the heck is gonna help us make this video (thoughts welcome, loyal Z-Pac!)
  2. Get interviewed by an amazing doc from Northwestern who is currently working with the American Medical Association (AMA), heading up their prevention and chronic disease side, Dr. Michael Rakotz.
  3. Celebrate a special birthday.

Dr. Rakotz and his awesome internist wife were truly special folks. His passion for prevention and proper measurement (and therefore proper management) of hypertension got me really fired up (stay tuned, we’ll be doing a separate interview on this subject — I learned stuff that blew my mind and REALLY pissed me off re: mandated quality measures that are inadvertently causing untold amounts of harm).

I accidentally wrecked the audio for the part of the interview where I asked him why the hell anyone should become a member of the AMA (I’ve never been one myself, to me they always represented an establishment conservatism that turned me off). This is a terrible shame, because he eloquently described how, since 2012, AMA under new leadership has really started going in an intriguing and promising new direction. I’ll get him back and have him explain!

In the meantime, let me know what you think of organized medicine. NO HOLDS BARRED OCTAGON S**T PEOPLE!!