A diamond…in the rough.

Look, we happen to think Turntable Health was a pretty dope way of doing primary care. But how did we show the world?

Through an incredibly cheesy yet oddly compelling epic Aladdin parody!

So get ready to rub the lamp and bust out three wishes, son, ’cause IT IS ON.

Special thanks to Patrice Fontenot for playing (and EPICLY singing) the role of Patient Jasmine, and to Devin Moore for the ridiculous audio engineering. And mad love to the Turntable Clinical Team for laying it down!

Z: I can show you our place

Epic, welcoming, splendid

Tell me, Missus, now when did

Healthcare ever make you smile?

We can look in your eyes

Treat your gout and your swine flu

But more than that we’re a team who’s

there for you and on your side


Z: A whole new way

To keep you healthy through and through

All for one monthly fee, no copays, gee

We’d love to see you often


Jasmine: A whole new way!

A dazzling place I never knew

Cause when I’m cared for here, it’s crystal clear

That this new way is how healthcare should be

Z: (This new way is how healthcare WILL be)


Jasmine: Classes on everything

Yoga, Zumba, nutrition

Epic studio and kitchen

And I get a health coach too

A whole new way

Z: (Don’t you dare close your eyes)

Jasmine: Get seen same day no waits for me

Z: (Round the clock phone the doctor)

Together: Email, skype, text and phone

You’re not alone

We can’t go back to how it used to be


Z: A whole new way

Jasmine: (Appointments same day)

Z: Primary Care is what we do

Jasmine: (Every visit gets better)

Turntable Team: Turntable can change the way, we care today, let us share this whole new world with you.


Z: A whole new way

Jasmine: A whole new place

Together: for yoooooooou and meeeeeeeee