We deep dive into how our tribal divisions influence interpretations of science, ethics, and policy (topic list below).

Here’s the Offit interview I mentioned. And check out all my previous episodes with Dr. Vinay Prasad here. Dr. Vinay Prasad’s “Plenary Session” podcast. More on Vinay here.

Topic List

  • Omicron-specific boosters
  • Data on severe disease prevention and booster rationale
  • The challenges of case-control data for kids’ vaccination
  • Evidence-based morality, ethical and practical considerations around vaccine mandates
  • Ethical and practical considerations around cooking pizza at home
  • Does repeated COVID infection harm you
  • Law vs. science and second order effects of legal decisions
  • Tribal division and taking joy in the suffering of the out-group
  • Stanford med school dean abortion letter controversy
  • Policing language vs. real policy issues
  • Outrage culture
  • The abortion mess
  • Jonathan Haidt’s “Great Untruths”
  • When Covidians turn on their own
  • Taking offense vs. assuming good intent and how to organically promote changes in language
  • When “science” museums behave like buttheads
  • Loyalty on the left vs. the right
  • Ayn Rand and young people
  • Iodinated salt and MORE

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