George Lucas, you killed my childhood. You did it retroactively, by “enhancing” your original Star Wars trilogy…a digital “Jabba” here, a “Greedo shoots first” there. The cumulative effect was to ruin a masterpiece of cinematic history, while making a grown man sob into his Luke Skywalker pillowcase. It was a betrayal so cold, so cold…to play with my generation’s earliest and fondest memories like that. That’s right. Cold. Play. Coldplay.

And that’s when it hit me: Lucas, you need a taste of your own medicine. Two can play at the Star Wars digital “enhancement” game. Or better still, two can Coldplay at it.

And so I humbly present Viva La Vadera parody of Viva la Vida by Coldplay.

Longtime ZDoggMD fans may ask, “But wait. What’s the medical connection here?”

To which I present two words:

Traumatic amputation.

So download the song for your next Jedi workout here! And check out my other Star Wars saga’s, Yoda MD and Colon Wars.

The Farce will be with you. Always.

I used to farm this world
With Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru
Bullseying womp rats in my T-16
Another season no academy
Then I bought those stupid droids that day
And R2D2 went and ran away
Got jacked by sand people, met Ben instead
But then the Empire came, now Owen is dead
I hear Obi Wan in my head keep sayin’
Use the Force, the Dark Side’s betrayin’
Go to Alderaan, help the rebels
But when I get there the whole planet’s leveled
For some reason I can’t explain
I think Darth Vader shares my last name
I kissed my sister, too
It just ain’t easy being Luke
I hear Yoda up in my grill keep sayin’
”Luminous beings are we”…ok then
But I need to go and help Han and Leia
’Cause Lando seems like a creepy player
For some reason I can’t explain
I know I’ll end up back onTatooine
I kissed my sister, man
But that was when I had two hands

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