Lately there seems to be a lot of chit chat about Obamacare, the advent of the health exchanges, and the broad-reaching effects on all elements of healthcare in America.

But there’s one voice that has been notably silent, and it’s time we heard it.

A parody of What Does The Fox Say? by Ylvis.

Here’s the original, in case you were wondering:


PS: At Turntable Health, we’ll be turning Obamacare into Obamalade…stay tuned to learn how! Or check out THIS article in The Atlantic. BLAM!

Patient goes huh?
Nurse goes what?
Hospitals try
to get their cut
Big Pharma whines
And med device
Companies go oo ooo oooo
Insurance guys
Are in our face
And congress shuts down the whole place
But there’s one voice
That no one knows….

What does the doc say?

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